Friday, March 26, 2010

First Fashion Show

Everyone has a start somewhere. For me it was a Nordstrom's fashion show about sixteen years ago. I was only four.

Nordstrom's originally was known for its shoes and when I was young I would run through a new pair of shoes like there was no tomorrow, even before I had begun walking. Strange, I know.  So mother was always in there hunting down a new pair of shoes while my dad was off at work and my brother was in kindergarten. Needless to say, the clerks knew my brother and I, most especially me, by name and had idea of what to pick out for my mother to buy by the time she walked in the store.

"Your daughter's so cute. We have a fashion show coming up, you should sign her up! You can pick out an outfit and wear it in the show!" My mother turned to me slowly. She knew I understood the entire conversation. I needn't say a word, my beaming eyes already conveyed my answer. Mother never wanted to thrust me into  "the industry" prematurely, which explains why I was in my first pageant as a college freshman. My small beady eyes, barely reaching the top of the sales counter looked at the sales representative, then we both turned to my mother.

"Ok Mia, you understand you model the clothes on a runway and it's in front of a large crowd? Okay?" I was a cynical little one, and I completely knew what was up. Don't underestimate children, we understand everything.

The day of the fashion show arrives and my entire family is there. Dad was equipped with a camera and my brother from what I remember was sufficiently annoyed. Mother had brushed and braided and readied my hair, per usual. We walked into the store as the fashion show carried on. Children's fashions were not first, so I could show up fashionably late.

Ok, I'm working my way to the punch line....

Mother reminds me: "See how that girl reaches the end of the runway and turns around and comes back? See how she does it? Do that and you'll be fine" Ok Mom, whatever.

A woman with a clip board ushered me backstage. The runway sprawled before me. I was ready.

"It's your turn, go on out there."

"Okay" I hit my mark, then I ran to the end of the runway, and then I jumped off. Yes, you read right, I jumped off. So I walked backstage again.

"Walk to the end, and come back"

"Okay" I said then I ran, even faster this time, to the end

and jumped off!

The front row leaned back and said 'whoa'. Mostly from shock, partly from sheer amusement. Some laughed. I was enjoying this just as much, or more than they did. Ha, ha!

"Ok Mia, we'll give you one more time, but this time you can't jump off the edge this time. Okay?" Mother was being incredibly patient.

So, I had yet another chance. What did I do? You got it, I jumed off the stage another 3 times. So much for my modeling career. It would be years before I would ever be in another fashion show. Luckily I've got two coming up in April. Should be amazing!

Until soon your very busy and tired,

<3 SF