Friday, January 18, 2013

Want a flat tummy? THEN EAT A BAR OF CHOCOLATE!


Crunches and push ups...before bed...when you wake up...all the time!

Confession time here: I HATE WORKING OUT!!!!!

Ok kidding, I love the high it gives me! Hate sweating out my roots though, WOMP!

 But in reality, if I'm ever bored in a checkout line I'll do tiny leg lifts, or take the stairs everywhere...lunges in the halway by myself!

Just keep in mind...
Being fit is a personal achievement...NO ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU!

Or you could be like this guy...

So put in the work! Start out with a goal (a little achievable one) stick to it and keep building on it every day! And sign up for exercise classes! Working out in a social setting is WAY better! Friends and fitness! Can't go wrong.

And girls, if you want Michelle Obama arms, you're going to have to overcome your fear of weights! I play field hockey and ran track in high school and overall fitness is key, so the whole body is very important!

Did I forget anything?
Hmm, just listen to your body and have fun! And drink lots of water! (See the post about complexion.)


Friday, January 11, 2013

The Secret to A Great Complexion Is...


And lots of it! And no processed food! If you don't know which tree or animal your food came from a came from a week ago, don't eat it.

That is all! (Oh and frequent exfoliation! Take it from a girl who has mild rosacea!)

So go grab that gallon bottle of water and start chugging! Because it needs to be done before you go to sleep kiddo! (Ahem, meaning drink an entire bottle a day...every day!)


Monday, January 7, 2013

By the Way, It's 2013

I've yet to post about pageant...

About that.

But I've been working on other stuff, like...

How/when going to tell you about my new tv show? (Consequently just spilling the beans...)

Or what I REALLY  think about white pants after Labor Day?

Maybe I should have a vlog? (The first attempt was a COLOSSAL failure...)

Or about my soon-to-be-resumed model life? (Kinda did on my other blog here.)

But in light of newly resolved life changes taken up by the masses (aka new year's resolutions) I've decided to answer a few questions that I've been asked over the years about my beauty/health routine and magically transform myself into a beauty blogger...


Done and done.

What have I resolved  to change you ask? I never have New Year's Resolutions! That's silly! (Besides, why should I change, I'm already awesome...haha)

ANYWHOOO, resolve to be fabulous my friends.

HEY LOOK, cute shoes!

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