Sunday, April 29, 2012

College Life

Is it slightly ironic that there are books in print about blogs? Methinks yes:

Research papers... :P Writing a paper about a blog, so I'll say hello to my sanity after this is done? Ya.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Our goal: Boston, for Harvard friends and serendipitous shenanigans. 
Our destination: Philadelphia, PA. We had a spur of the moment adventure and almost left, but a last minute decision led to one of the best decisions ever! Phily people are great!


Viva Panama! We're everywhere. Just moments before, we took a salsa lesson and I honed in on my skills.

Flower stand! So cute! 

We're at the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" bar! So rando!

Great brunch locale!  And I wanted EVERYTHING on the menu!

We made some pretty cool friends downtown the night before who suggested I try the Red Velvet Pancakes. 
"I'd be concerned if you finished that" 
"Y'know what? CHALLENGE. ACCEPTED!" 
But I probably got through about 1/3 of it! IT WAS SOOO GOOOOOD! 
So we headed to downtown Philadelphia that had an ease about it that I recognized. Even though I was in a completely new city, there was a strikingly familiar feeling when mingling with the peoples.


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking...


Farmer's Market! And who would I be if I didn't take outfit pics! :)Not me!

This magician had pretty sweet tricks up his non-sleeves! And eccentric glasses!


These were SO YUMMY! Did anyone say dark chocolate?

This pic is so close YOU CAN TASTE THE FLAVOR! 


Wish I got a better pic of the lady in blue shoes on the left! So chic! 

The Juicy storefront was SO YUMMY! I had to take like 500,000 pics! 

Swimwear anyone? 

Things I notice about menswear, the eccentric collars! :)

Cone-y or Kony? Lahaha...

Bye Philly, see you soon! :)