Friday, January 20, 2012

Sh*t Mia Says

Ok, so this is the point where I go live and reveal that yes I am an fashionista/model/shoe hoarder that has serious issues.

And certain pet peeves.

I know exactly what you're thinking, "Omg, Mia you're going to make a video...with your likeness on you tube...? SHOCK-ING!"

I mean, I'm on the internet already, so video is just the next level...even though I really dislike seeing/heraing myself on video, it's just really creepy. My voice is just super unique... (SAYS THE CHICK WHO HAS HER PHOTO ON THIS VERY BLOG).

But video is just like, so different.

So with that I am currently penning a "Sh*t Mia Says" short, in the hope that you will find it mildly entertaining. Check on twitter #ShitMiaSays for a preview.


ANYWHOO I'm going to work out for the 1,000th time, and go get my face threaded (which mind you is super painful, don't do it unless you absolutely MUST. I cry every time)

Till soon much love,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Style Sightings MORE! :)

More cuteness! :)

SouFa <3

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing's Ever Complete Without Pearls

Just remember that:

I'm the wonderfuly colorful creature in the middle of this picture:

Stay warm,
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME! (Part 2)

Post continued:

We've Interviewed Mao before, here: Saving Women, One Purse at a Time
Co-operatives, much like the one run by NOMI Network and it’s CEO Diana Mao, give back to the community, “…particularly helping women who are survivors [of human trafficking] become self-sufficient. They're in Cambodia primarily and we're going to be launching programs in India soon. So right now they're primarily in Cambodia.”

Photo credit:
Mao continues: “I really find value in what we're doing: being able to carry out opportunities for them to not only work but eventually move into other careers. Living out their dreams: becoming a teacher, becoming a nurse, becoming a pediatrician. And I've heard women express to me 'I believe that that can happen' y'know with the support of our organization and many others.”
“ [We also] help women not only build up their skill set but also develop products and , help facilitate the market linkages between what's being produced and what's really selling in the U.S. and the global market. We help create a demand for their products and the profit goes back to their education and training.”

Photo credit:
Nomi network, whose prevailing slogan is “Buy her bag, not her body” use recycled rice bags to construct various products such as yoga mats handbags and laptop covers.
 “[Our brand is geared toward] Cause-oriented women, college students, moms and young professionals” says Mao.

Happy Birthday to Me! (Part 3)

Philanthropic rant, continued:

On the other end of the demographic spectrum is local D.C. native Kimberly Robinson who is neither exploited nor underprivileged. By day she is a financial legal analyst for Google and invests her free time as a fashion designer for her own line Kimberly Kouture and also works to further the vision of sustainability with the nonprofit Fashion Fights Poverty.
Other designers like Robinson work directly with the individuals that manufacture the textiles they work with. As a part of being socially responsible, Fashion Fights Poverty follows a set of guidelines that helps to maintain the integrity of all levels of the process: those making the textiles and those designing them. Sweatshop free, vintage, retro, or hand-made all describe any material that these designers are required to work with. Needless to say, it’s a Project Runway challenge taken to the extreme.
That's where Robinson comes in. Designers feature their collections at Fashion Fights Poverty’s annual gala/ fashion show where each selected designer features its’ take on eco-friendly. Started in 2005, Fashion Fights Poverty assumes the responsibility to encourage individuals to continue shopping, but to be smart educated consumers, conscious of the impact their purchase has on the global society.  Fashion Fights Poverty is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to earth- friendly fashion. Through their booked year-round schedule of events that are geared toward raising money and awareness for various causes, the organization works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for The proceeds from Kimberly's line went to Aid for Artisans. Both non-profits seek to help impoverished individuals all over the world through direct funding and supporting the individuals who manufacture the textiles. Dedicated to “to raise awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty,” Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) works to also bring relevancy and social consciousness to the world of fashion. 

One of the few struggles Robinson faces, a gorgeous leggy blonde who stands at least a head taller than most women, is being taken seriously. “We [designers] often times are sort of pawned off as being different and eccentric and not able to put together complete thoughts. But I feel like the people that are involved with Fashion Fights Poverty are definitely trying to use their talents toward the good of humanity, which is kind of fantastic!”
Robinson reflects on her journey with Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP): “… got involved in Fashion Fights Poverty about three years ago. I was contacted by them to do their lookbook, which is a coffee table book that features designers from all over the world that have come together for sustainable fashion whether it be fair trade, actually using eco-friendly textiles, all that kinda stuff...It’s definitely a fantastic organization. I think it’s really special when you get a group of really socially conscious, artistic, creative types together.”

One of Robinson's Designs circa 2007 courtesy of

Robinson shares how, “...after traveling the world and sort of seeing where all these people come from [where she buys textiles] and knowing that y’know some of these people are the people who are making the shirt that I can buy at Forever 21 for 12 dollars and that I’m going to wear one time and then I'm going to throw it away. But that person [who made the shirt] was just paid a nickel for all of the work they did that day. And it almost appalled me to know so I’m sort of in the mindset of knowing that whoever created it, whoever was a part of it was able to better their life and put in that situation and so I now buy quality over quantity. I think it’s really important. Sure we all have those silly shirts in our closet that are just:

 ‘Oh gosh, why the heck did I buy this one?’ or ‘When am I ever going to wear this again, this is a mistake, this is dreadful!’ If that’s what you want to do that’s fine. I really think that in order to be an educated consumer, I think that’s the best thing you could have. You have to be a smart fashionista.”
But not only is she a ‘smart fashionista’ she cares about the Earth too:
"We’re working together to sort of promote the idea that what we consume, here in our lives on a day- to-day basis really does have an impact on the rest of the world. We’re a global community. You just need to open people’s eyes to that fact that it’s not just what you’re wearing to go to class; it’s what you’re buying in a store that somebody else is making in a land far away that’s providing for their families. It’s this whole idea of global consumerism that people don’t think about. But I’m guilty of it myself. People don’t think about. But it is to be aware…”
For more info regarding any and all of the designers mentioned in these postings, be sure to email me at or visit the following websites:
Margaret Breslau and Homebody:
Diana Mao and Nomi Network:
 Kimberly Robinson (Kimberly Kouture) and Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP):

Please, when considering the day of my birth, patronise these businesses in the hope for a better global tomorrow.

Happy Birthday To ME! (Part 1)

The mighty 22! I've passed the indefinitely ageless and reckless year and thus begins the following stipulations on my livelihood:

1. Happy hour is the afternoon
2. Knee length skirts and longer may need to be aquired for my new job...unless I work from home as a blogger or something in web design (dream job)

*Sidenote: dream job: as a web content editor and work from home. I am aplying for said job as of 3 weeks ago!

3. No more Forever 21... :( As much as I love shopping there for an entire season of dispensible clothing, it's time to make smarter fashion decisions.

Seriously. Work place, here we come.

With that sentiment and my vegan meal in front of me, I give you an article I wrote last semester regarding Eco-fashion. Please enjoy! :)

Diana Mao, Kimberly Robinson and Margaret Breslau share with Southern Fashionista the importance of making eco-friendly fashion purcahses. It's not just a style choice; it is a stroke of political action.

“Every time you’re spending a dollar, you’re making a political decision” said Margaret Breslau, the owner of Homebody on Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia. Breslau has owned and operated the establishment for nearly eight years now, and has been at the fore front of numerous local political movements. Her shop walls are lined with hand crafted housewares, accessories and t-shirts, as well as a political slogan or two. “We kept Wal-Mart out of Blacksburg,” Breslau states as she shakes her head with disgust. A framed clipping of the article hangs just inside the back entrance as a reminder. “We [local merchants] weren’t a fan of the corporate business’ ‘bait and switch’ tactics…sneaking into communities.”

Community-mindedness pervades Breslau’s ethical constitution. “You wouldn’t want to buy something from someone that’s being--exploited?” she scoffs, laughing at the idea. Everything, from the American Apparel tee shirts lining the walls to the hand crafted notebooks lining the wooden bookshelves, is ethically produced and the labor is sweat-shop free.
What drives Breslau? “…well you know it’s a feminist issue,” She pauses to mull over the idea thoughtfully.

“Most of our clothing is not made in this country. Very little of it is made in this country. Most of it comes from somewhere else in some factory. And the people who work in textile factories for the most part are young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty-two. And they’re working under terrible conditions. Not getting paid. They have no benefits, and they’re exploited. So I consider it a feminist issue for one thing. A lot of the clothing made in the store is made in women’s co-operatives.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who's Going To Be Where?

OMG! A recent perusal of none other than one of my favorite fashion publications, Teen Vogue, I realized that Jason Wu is on his way to Target this Spring!

Yes, as in the store bearing this logo,

where I frequent for groceries supplies?

But Jason Wu is coming to Target, and he're the press release on Target's website:

However here's a summary: 

"For his collection for Target, Wu took inspiration from the idea of an American girl in Paris, while staying true to his signature juxtaposition of modern sensibility and timeless style. Ranging in price from $19.99 to $59.99 for apparel and $19.99 to $49.99 for handbags and scarves, Jason Wu for Target will be available Feb. 5 through March 6, 2012 or until supplies last at most Target stores and on"

 And a preview ala YouTube:

Jason. Wu. Amazeness! :) 

Ok, collaboration #2. Admittedly I'm not that familiar with this designer, but Marni is on their way to H&M this Spring!
Here is a preview, also courtesy of You Tube! :)

And here's their website! It's really wonderful:
But then again I am a sucker for fashion! :) 

“I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints,” Marni founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni stated in a news release. “I love juxtaposing prints and colors, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic, and adding sporty utilitarian elements.”

Guess who else for H&M? David Beckham


I know this blog is dedicated to women's wear, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity for exploiting this much yum :)


And here's the H&M website for further ogling:
Focus, focus focus....

Ok, I'm back! Whoa that was weird. ANY-WAY!

Mark your calendars:

Jason Wu for Target will be available Feb. 5 through March 6, 2012 


Marni for H&M March 8, 2012.

Until soon, much love: 

SouFa <3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Look Mommy:

I swiped the drying cement with my finger, stylishly of course:

Enjoy my silliness:
SouFa <3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Went Outside Without Pants On

Photo Credit:

Shock value.Like this lady, I thrive on it...occasionally. But I should venture to explain myself. In times of desperate slothfulness, midnight adventures to the library or in between photo shoots, I resort to wearing:

Wait for it,


Keep scrolling…

LEGGINGS! Which. Are….NOT PANTS. For all those that remember, there was a “No Pants VT” website which actually catalogued the young women on campus who ventured to commit this fashion fau pas. And I am not here to pick up her (or his) slack, but wish to celebrate successful  implementation of leggings in a stylish wardrobe.

To preview the rest of this post, I would venture to explain that leggigns can be worn not just as workout gear and there are some hard and fast rules that you CANNOT VIOLATE:

1. Please DO NOT wear a top that does not stop above your thighs…yikes. I myself may have badonkadonk thighs, so I keep their exposure at a minimum. Your ass-ets may not always need to be seen. Imagination is key.
2. Well, I mean that’s really the only rule I have…

And this is the ultimate NO. Tights as pants:

Photo Credit:

Without further ado, I give you the chicest leggings of all time...well, ok

The girl in the middle...H&M leggings, circa 2008. I'm a fan of them. Here are some you can find now with a  similar vibe: 

H&M website! It also comes in Beige...but I'm not a fan for $49.95! Not bad.

Count on Rihanna to BRING IT! And Nikki Minaj is one of the plus size women I can count on to violate expectations in an...interesting way! 

Again, H&M circa fall 2008 with liquid leggings! I also pair this with a gold biker jacket. So. Much. Yum. 

Here's a similar find for now: 

It's a Polyvore creation! Tor purcahse said items. follow this link:

Also, I'm a fan of this look, trying to figure out how to pull it off:

So, that is my deal! Next up, trends for 2012! And what dsigners are coming to H&M, Target, and other local brands! SO PUMPED!

Anywho, much love till soon,
Soufa <3

Friday, January 6, 2012

Style Sightings Parte Dos

Fall pics that have yet to be seen :) Enjoy!

Much love,
SouFa <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


You missed me?

Of course you did. So in light of the fact that at least 90% of you are visiting out of the fact that:

1. You love me
2. You're on holiday break and your fam is driving you up the wall so you you need a propper distraction
3. You need Spring Break fashion inspiration and you're bored and packing
4. And, just love me...

Ok, self-indulgence aside, here are my Style Sightings from (last year, GEEZ) the hardcore slacker that took these pics:

Oh, be forewared, these are from the beginning of the Fall semester!

Until Soon much love,
SouFa <3

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And My Mother Thought This Was Me?

"Hey mom, can you find this dress for me?"

I sent her this pic via text, and her confusion stemmed from the fact that:

1. the young woman who is Coco Rocha I beleive, Mom thought was me...
2. If I was wearing the dress in the photo, then why didn't I know where I bought it? (Seems like soemthing I would be confused about anyway)

But I digress.

Does this look like me? Legs? Yes...otherwise, no.