Friday, February 26, 2010

Style Sightings!

So, either the well dressed individuals are becoming easier to find, or they're finding me! Love it! Thanks for making my job easier ladies! This weekend we have a bridal show and Monday is the first model fitting, so that should make for brilliant blog material! : )

I'd also like to thank my style subjects for being so compliant. It's not everyday you get someone asking you to take your picture! Thanks girls! : )

Signing off for the weekend! Until Monday:

Much love,

<3 SF



Love, love LOVE her tights. May I have them? Thanks. 


Playing games with your handbag! Straight from Japan! Oh those Harajuku girls!

Ohh!! Love it! 

*Style note: Her entire outfit can be traced to the same color palliate! It just works! Notice everything has a khaki rhythm to it.  Excellent! : )

Where has this girl been hiding? Cuteness! Quite a few designers are embellishing the front of their shoes (all styles) with fur of some sort. Be sure to check an upcoming Double Take feature on these shoes! : ) 


Check this out!!!! It's a fantastic purse, AND a fantastic outfit! LOVE IT! 


An electric blue purse. I've seen it all! : ) 

Totes m'gotes! Most def a must have for toting things about! P.S. Watch out for this yellow, it's popping up everywhere for spring! : )

For more looks from the same day, check out this earlier post: 

This bag is a catch-all!

Hrm, not much for Wednesday...



Lovely! : ) 

Again, ABP should sponsor me! Lovely outfit! : )




You can't see it well, but she has a lovely necklace. And the plaid skirt is quite a lovely touch! : )

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Model Studies

6: 34(240): Im 5ish mins away! : )
6:45 (703): Wait we r meeting in the entrance[...] right? Lol!

Okay, so in theory I was actually twenty minutes away. But still. Usually a casting would have the models filter in at the start time(7).  If you're more than at least 15 minutes early, then you have no life. Seriously. Nevertheless, I arrived ten  minutes early to find that surprisingly the masses had already congregated.  I spotted a few familiar faces and exchanged long lost greetings halfheartedly as I located the registration table. A few things ran through my mind: Am I dressed appropriately? Did I arrive on time? Is my food showing? The dining hall dash can do wonders for my small frame.

WHAT? Ok. So I had to sign a consent form and fill out my measurements. I am grateful that they didn't take my measurements themselves so I fudged them a bit. So sue me? I gave myself an inch less in my waist and hips and a couple for my bust. Ha, ha.

"Okay models, line up by number." I was 21, friend was 23. The remaining models numbered through thirty something filed behind me. I've been in pageants, and fashion shows since I was 4, but in that one instant, in line with my peers, I lost every shred of confidence I had mustered in the interim between my face- to-face mirror pep talk and the change into my suede Guess pumps moments ago. Pumps... should I be pumped up? But I digress.

"Remember, be fierce!" the director shouted . Channel Christian Siriano. Easier said than done! A friend of mine cut both Siriano's hair and mine at one point, but that's a story for another time. Number 22, a chiseled, medium height, brown haired male filed in behind me.

"Are you nervous?" He asked. Like you read my mind! Ha!
"Omigosh yes I am! I didn't think I would be!" I gushed, somewhat uncertain. Would my verbal admission confirm  my inner disbelief? Yes, this was actually happening.  I was at another model call. Last time I'd been to a casting, I was declared, at 5 feet tall and 6.5 inches, hopelessly too short for runway. I could only be made use of in print ads. The ultimate curse word to my ears: print ads. Print ads. Print ads, print ads,


Print ads, the words echoed in my head even as I stood 21st in line. My mind snapped back to the present. Number 10 had gone.

"Could we have someone who's done it before show everyone how it's done? So y'all can get the tempo? Hey '______' come over here and show everyone what we're expecting!" A waif-like figure in black stovepipe jeans, a close-fitting white tee and a paisley metallic blue vest sauntered up to the firing line. Our line then became a cluster. I was at that moment, as I tried to peer over all those shoulders, aware that maybe I really am that short. A staggering admission.

I readily looked on. There are different types of the alleged "Model walk". None are ever "bad" per se, just different. Usually the designer will give you some sort of direction as to how they want their line represented. It's the ability to capture the magic behind getting paid to wear clothes and making them look wearable, which gives you mastery of the runway. How alluring!

Twenty was walking down the atrium's "runway". I was seconds away from walking as the entire expanse stretched out before me like a narrow dead end hallway in a horror film.

My turn. T Channel, left, right, left, right. Opposite shoulder with opposite leg. Shoulders back, suck in your gut. Display an apathetically fierce and neutral face. What should my lips be doing? Crap. Don't trip. Step to the left of the runway, pause, look at the audience then walk to the right. Do I return to center? Geez I think I butchered it!

"Okay, I want to see fierce! FIERCE! I want to see confidence! And this time you all will walk two at a time!" Okay director, okay. Number 22 was my partner. Excellent.

One of my fellow models, seen below, commented before I snapped this photo:

"Your second walk was much better!"

"You think?" I said. I have a terrible habit of wrinkling my nose to punctuate my statements.

"Yeah! I think everyone was more nervous the first time. I know I was! But the second time we both said, man she's got it down this time!"

"Really? Had it been another casting though then--"

"Right. Omigosh I know!" We both nodded vigorously in agreement. If it had been another casting, you're lucky if you get one shot. In some cases, you're sized up and shipped out the moment you walk through the door. No walking for you!

By the time I had photographed some of the fashionable individuals and made my way home, the numbers were posted. I scrolled down and there it was, 21. What a lucky number!

First fitting on Monday. I know what I'm not eating this weekend. See you all on Monday! This model/ fashion critic has to post this week's fashion sightings! : )

Here are some of the models from the casting:

Love, love LOVE her outfit! : ) 

Much love,

<3 SF

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Double Take

Check this out! In Forever 21 this season (ok, that was a month ago) but still this season! It's practically the same coat! Hot off the runway! Do stay posted for more Double Takes!

Much love,

<3 SF


Our Way:

A slight deviation from the original, but certainly in the same vein of style, a belted black and white coat.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Purple Rainy Days

Apparently, according to one of my classmates, my outfit reminds him of Prince. I am a wacky dresser aren't I? : )

Much love,

<3 SF

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder! : )

Ok, so as a media student, not only do I have to toil in class over incessant volumes of texts and readings, but I also have to ensure that I'm getting field experience as well.

So that's where I've been this entire time. Planet Blacksburg, VTTV, WUVT, student and fashion blogger. All at the same time!


At this point sleep is an entirely remote idea. However, to placate your longing for a pending fashion fix via Blacksburg, I give you a few fashionable people form the past few days. In truth, it's been at least a week and a half!

Much love,

<3 SF

Hats do help beat the winter wind. Chic and fuctional. : )

Wellies, great for kicking about in sub- zero snow slush. 

Large totes, where form and function meet and have a party! 
Love the bag and the jacket!!! : ) 


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Style Challenge, Day Three!

So here it is, in all it's glory, the final day!

As a true pageant girl at heart, I have to admit that I do own a sequin embellished t-shirt! I wouldn't have it any other way! It's somewhat reminiscent of the sequin dresses that were popping up in mall stores everywhere a couple months ago for the holidays.  As for the jeans and the biker jacket: I tried to give the nightwear- esque shirt an edge that was suitable for daywear. As for my bag, I could have done better with it, perhaps a smaller/solid tone bag would have done the trick. But, form over function in this case, I had a few books for class and a laptop in-hand.

* Style note: Do try to wear distressed jeans tastefully, we really don't want to see your thighs unless you are wearing shorts! I paired my sparkly tights to add to the bling vibe! These days you can never have too much bling!

Check out celeb Taylor Jacobson with a similar look:


1. Juicy Couture Cotton Blend Tunic 
2. Marc Jacobs Flash Quilted Ponyskin Bag 
3. Acne Her Cross Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 

And for the closing of Style Challenge Denim Week. I do have some remarks. In my quest for clothing that fit the parameters of the challenge at hand, I asked myself, how is it that young people wear jeans everyday? I've been asked on occasion how I survive without wearing jeans everyday. Well, as my dearest icon , Audrey Hepburn once noted that 
"...the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears..."
Your clothes do not confine you, rather they help to define you! With that in mind, we must always strive to look and feel our best. If we feel our best in a pair of jeans and a tshirt, then by all means, grace us with your loveliness. If, in the case you happen to feel as I do at home in skirts, blouses and embellished buttons, then go for it! Style is an outward manifestation of the inner self. Tell the world who you are, without uttering a word. Command attention in whatever you wear. After all it's who you are that counts, not what you wear.

And a shoutout to Alexander McQueen! You will be greatly missed!

Much love,

<3 SF

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Style Challenge, Day Two!

The highlight of my Wednesday: one of my good friends sees me for the first time that day and says :

"Hey! Mia, those are not jeans!!!"

Well hello to you too! : ) I did circumvent the boundaries of the challenge by wearing 5 pocket dark wash black jeans! Ok, so I haven't worn sneakers or a t-shirt yet! Well, you're in for a surprise on Friday! Unfortunately the weather has not been forgiving here on the Eastern Seaboard so my footwear has been limited to rainboots! However, as promised, I will dress in my final requirement of the challenge. Unfortunately, I don't have a corresponding webisode to go with today's as of yet! Here's day two's outfit! Enjoy!

Much love,

<3 SF

Monday, February 8, 2010

Style Challenge, Day One!

Well, here's how day one of the style challenge went!

Here's today's outfit:

What do YOU think of my outfit? How did I measure up to the style challenge? 

Much love, 
<3 SF

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dearest Mia, Why Don't You Ever Wear Jeans?

Great question. One of my friends, who ventured to ask for the hundredth time: why I don't wear jeans to class?
"Well do you wear jeans to work?"
"So going to class is like going to work!" Apparently the idea didn't sink in so he ventured to pose a challenge, if he'll dress up for class for 3 days I will painfully try to dress down. As with any wager, there are limitations:

1. I have to wear jeans all three days
2. At least one day,  I have to wear sneakers
3. And (of my own choosing) I have to wear a T-shirt at least one day.
4. The three days will be  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Ok, I think I can manage...We'll see how well this goes over! This will be an interesting style challenge and of course, I'm ready!

Much love,

<3 SF

P.S. Despite popular belief, I do wear denim! Here's tangible proof!

These are a denim blend! I wore this to class last year! 

Style? I'm On It!

Well, well, well! What a week! Either word has gotten out, or the stylish individuals are becoming easier to find! On my way to and from class this week, within the span of one day, perhaps one hour, I was graced by the presence of these young women who, despite the turbulent and inclement weather, dressed excellently in overcoats and boots! Let's just say, I'm a fan!

My friend here masterfully balances the rigidity of her cropped biker jacket with the fluid lines crated by her fitted cerulean/skyblue knit dress. Her black knee length boots complement the edge her stud accented belt created.

*Style note: try and and complement the metals in your clothing. Her belt, which unfortunately is hard to see, is accented in the same metal as her jacket! Key style choice. Unfortunately, I wish I could see the belt better beneath her scarf!

 *Also, read-heads are often great in this blue! Great job girl!


I must say, this style coat is not for everyone, but it certainly is for this young woman! Visually, her outfit is in the gunmetal grey family which is all the rage on the runway! Her delicately small frame complements the length of the coat so that where the coat stops, her frame doesn't overpower it. I 'm certainly a fan of knee socks peeking above her boots! Quite a nice touch! 


I regret how this picture turned out, but the outfits speak for themselves! Cute coat= the cutest way to make an outfit out of darting in and out of class especially when it's this cold outside! Jewel tones have been making a comeback since the late 2000's and these overcoats are no exception! However, my friend on the right wearing an oxford and canary yellow coat seem to echo the outfit from my very first post. I see a recurring trend here...hmm. Again ABP=the style hub of campus!

Great job girls! Can't wait to see what next week holds!

Much love,

<3 SF

Monday, February 1, 2010


As promised, SF is on the lookout for stylish College students. Poised with a camera everywhere I go, I've only managed to find one student worthy of posting to my blog! (So far!)

ABP in Squires is the place to see and be seen. And of course, that's where I grab my daily fare. This young woman, as I stalked her she was very compliant with my request. As well put-together as her ensemble is, I do have a few critiques for her. 

In the year of fashion where "everything goes" her style nods to the recurring trends of the past decade. Pastels/ brights/metalics are certainly on target and her coat borders on a mustard-esque trend recently seen on this winter's catwalk. The cut nods to the current military trend. However, her sleeves are a bit too long for my liking, or it could be the oxford?
The oxford, which is white and pink striped, and possibly Polo Ralph Lauren, complements the mustard coat which stands alone but brings energy to the plain oxford look. 
Visually the contrast is not as jarring because the white shoes to a magnificent job of  standing alone themselves. If I were any further north, the fact that her shoes are white (after labor day) would be  just cause for her to not even make it to my blog. However, her daring and well executed style choice are to be applauded. 

The color of her chocolate khakis, in the brown family, are certainly an indication of last fall's trends. 

She could have done well with a metallic silver purse or something in the family of pink that borders in between neon and rose-petal pink. Fuchsia would be too aggressive though. 

We'll see what this week holds! 

Until the next posting, much love,