Saturday, July 24, 2010

Style Sighting, The Unsung Outfit

On a quick perusal through my pictures from last semester, I came accross this outfit, which, to my dissappointment was not included in last semester's edition! : P However, better late than never! Enjoy!

Isn't this just ADORABLE? Another amazing outfit. : ) Keep in mind neutrals are still in, so are metallic finishes...she hit both in one outfit! Love, love! : ) I'll be back on campus in 2 weeks! I'm dressing my room, get ready for pics of that! I can hardly contain my unbridled enthusiasm! : )

Until soon, much love,

<3 SF

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words

Well, if you've been following any of my social media pages, you've seen that I've mentioned a photo contest by the name of Hearst 8x10. Ok, so I thought I would share with you guys the story behind each one. I haven't bothered to name them, but the descriptions of each will suffice to give them meaning beyond each one.

Ever since long afternoons with Sesame Street's Bernie and Ert (forgive my spelling) I've had an affinity for pigeons that has continued strong since then, even until the time this photo was taken last September. 

As some of you may know, I took the semester off due to a series of coincidences including the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Panama and meet the family my mother had told me so many stories about and to run for Miss Maryland and try my hand at a few modeling gigs. Go figure.

Honestly I hadn't been out of the country in quite some time my passport needed renewing. The lack of some necessary documents made it somewhat of a challenge to obtain our passports at first, but mother dropped me off downtown to pick them up. If you've been in D.C, for any length of time you know that finding parking is something of a pain. As she was finishing up errands, I decided to grab a bite to eat at the Corner Bakery downtown. Ok, no I didn't eat, but I fascinated myself pigeons instead. Here's my perception of how they see the world.


We're in Panama, on the streets in old downtown. The streets are narrow and gritty and since it always rains every afternoon at about 3, there's a perpetual puddle in every gutter. The cobblestone streets were riddled with black mold and grime, yet the air is dank with the smell of industrialism and sweltering hot tropical climates. It would have been impractical to take a car downtown. In these parts, the best method of survival in these parts is blending in. So imagine if we hadn't been on foot, we wouldn't have gotten this shot. 

"OOH FRUIT!" I said, even though there were at least five fruit stands on every corner.

"Wow, what is that?" Mother asked, "It looks like cactus!"

"It's Nooni" my Tia said. Tia means aunt in Spanish. "It cures everything like cancer, bloodpressure, hipotention". It could be the accent, but the way my aunt blends words together, like Hyper-tension and high blood pressure, is unique to all the English-speaking Panamanians that I came in touch with. Which clarified what mother called some things when she occasionally blends Spanish with English. As a matter of fact, on our way back, from what seemed like my new home I didn't want to leave, the airport staff of obviously Hispanic heritage had an ambiguous spanglish slang that not even my mother who is bilingual could decipher.

But I digress. So there it is. Most things that are good for you taste disgusting. Nooni is no exception. Snap!

Ok, so we've taken a walk down the historic waterfront, after having taken a tour of the president's palace.  on my way to the shuttle that would cart us over to Old Panama, I stopped to observe the old architecture. After coming to some understanding of what I observed, I looked down, sensing a pair of eyes searching me over as a prospective companion or source of food.

"Oooohhh! A KITTY!!! Mommy look, a KITTY! He's SO CUTE! Look at his little, little, little paws! I'm sorry mijo, [Spanish for: my loved one, my dear]  I have no food to give you!" Forgetting my companion momentarily, I walked a few blocks and then turned down another.

"I think he wants to go home with you, look at him!" Mom smiled broadly. When I most needed it, there were no street vendors from which I could buy food for my new best friend, my little mascota.

We looked into each others eyes. I blinked and squeezed my eyes shut for a bit and then reopened them. He mimicked me and began to purr deeply. Mom was nearby, thus her toes were photographed in the top left hand corner of the photo.

"You're TOO CUTE! I have to take your picture! I wish I could take you home with me!"

Mom's response: "Aaaww! But he probably has diseases! Poor thing." I think my little mascota is just really fit, not sickly. Milo, my cat, the resident garbage disposal, nap expert and laptop warmer was a fatty compared to this guy. This dude could give him a run for his money.


Lovely, isn't it? Yes. And I promise no photoshopping was involved. Ok, freshman year of college, fall and as we all know, I'd adopted my own style and this day was a pair of white jazz shoes (quite comfortable I must add) and pinstripe pants. It was mid afternoon and I remember having just finished all of my classes, the sunlight was streaming into my room in just the right way. I look down, and put my feet together. I love pictures with an implied vanishing point. Clean lines? I'm no art critic, but the angular nature of what I saw appealed to me enough to take a picture. 


Ok, so here are 2 of my favorite things, my face and Dahlias (yes, you read right, my face). I had just visited the farmer's market that morning and by the time I returned around noonish, my roomate had just emerged from her nocturnal heap to go eat. Therefore I had the room to myself. Excellent. The light does something just right about mid-fall at that time of day. I opened the shade to reveal my room to the sun's majestic glow that cast shadows in just the most excellent way. Thus was born a series of at least 30 pictures with me and the said dahlias and my face in various stances. Yes, I finally figured out where all my time goes: taking and editing pictures, and now blogging, lucky for you : ) 


Well, I do hope you've enjoyed reading/looking as much as I have had taking the photos and writing about them! Keep posted about the results August 2nd! : ) 

Much love, 

<3 SF

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evolution Look Part 1

My friend Paul Wharton, who, If you're at all familiar with America's Next Top Model castings in D.C., you know that he's one of the recurring judges of the selection process.Not familiar? How about the pageant circuit? Miss D.C.? He judged a few years back. Hmm, did you see him on this year's Who Wore What coverage of the BET Awards?

I went to his birthday party!

Ok, still not ringing a bell? How about the Housewives of D.C. (can't wait), Paul is what some would call the '6th Housewife'.  And whenever I say "Oh, I know Paul" I always get a chuckle and a wry smile "Yeah we know Paul." Well it turns out that this friend of a friend knew a friend that had a friend [shall I continue]... that needed a model for her magazine, and I was just that said model.

In true social media fashion, Paul usurped is star power to start up an online modeling agency called "Evolution Look" a little over a year ago after my auditions for this said agency. In all fairness and truth, I was told by some of the reps a the casting that I was too short for the industry (the runway part) and then later they added: 

"But you could do print?" referencing print/ commercial ads. I have heeded their advice and have done some nonprofit work a well as done commercial modeling for my university.And I have grown a few inches, so I think I am 5'7" in flats? (One of my lifelong ambitions was to achieve this height, besides being on Barney or the Disney channel with my perpetually youthful complexion).

So after setting up my profile in February, almost certain that only creepers would check it out, I left my profile up as is, with a generic, photo of myself, 8 x10, smiling, innocent and decent enough for a profile picture. In the days of mass media and social networking, I'm always wary of overexposure. Mother is too, which explains why at 18, I was in my first pageant. Ok, got me?

Fast forward to last Friday/Saturday morning when I received a message from the editor which read something to the effect of

"I saw your photo on Evolution Look, could you spare an afternoon with us to have your picture taken?" I'm sorry but what? Could I? I had summer school in the mornings and studying to do in the afternoons, but this? Ah, an offer I simply could not refuse! (And people actually look at that profile thing? Cool!)

That Saturday morning was especially wonderful because mother and I have been working on changing my room theme from pink and green (which now seems a bit overrated, but still lovely) to black and pink (which corresponds nicely with my Audrey Hepburn poster and Sweet 16 theme leftovers). And in the process, have been looking for a light fixture (whose nature will be unveiled once I get my room and another project that I've been stewing on in order). However, said light fixtures that met our (my) requirements were no less than a couple hundred dollars. Ok, if it were for my room at home, that might be a consideration, but mother never pays full price for absolutely anything! Ok, once I convinced her that I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED a pair of sequin black stilettos for pageant. And then she bought them at full price...

And these too! 

But that was only one time.

I get a text the following morning from the beauty director, we've changed studios. Apparently the original choice had no AC and Washington has had 3 digit temps this summer. I for one have played field hockey outside in the dog days of August, so suffice it to say that sweating is like second nature.

But models are too hot to suffer in the heat. (Haa, play on words. I'm being conceited? Is that ok? Thanks!) Google maps, let's go. Toll booth and all, with and under an hour to get to Sterling from there. With the location chance also came a time change that required us to get there an hour earlier. Good luck on that one.

Why are exits referenced by route names in this part of the world? Beats me. I always feel as though it's analogous to a trick question on the SAT, you may think you're right, but there's always an answer that's the most right of the correct answers.

So we have 20 mins. left till call time and I recognize the office complex as one that's near my indoor field hockey rink. Is it a rink if it has no ice? Help me here...

"If things get creepy, just start running" Ok mom, I have 3.5 inch heels on.

"And kick off the heels while you're running, don't even look back to pick them up." Ok, mom, I can run in my heels if it comes down to that....
"And then call me, don't even look back. I'll know what's up" Haa, I love my mom, she's a crackup!
 "Mom, it's suite 600, ok. I'll call , kay? Kay..."

My feet almost gave out under me, one of my biggest concerns, other than does this outfit make me look fat, is if I'm investing my time wisely. We'd never know until we tried...

I took a deep breath and tried to still my gut. My trembling fingers wrapped themselves around the handle and turned....

More on this in a sec! Get ready for the launch date on August 9th! 

Until soon, much love, 
<3 SF