Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fashion or Faux Pas? Addidas Amid Sneaker Controversey

I'm writing about these shoes, and that shouldn't surprise you. As an Africana Studies major, and fashion commentator, it would be a little odd if I didn't, No?

Honestly, I'm just offended by gross they look. So my vote is a no all around, regardless of political implications.

Call me old school, but sneakers are meant to be comfortable and these honestly don't look like they are. Take it from a girl that wears heels and elevated soles 95% of the time; if I'm going to wear a sneaker I will be comfortable and these are a sad excuse for casual wear. And aren't sneakers considered activewear in a very literal sense? Can't get too far if you have a neon hot mess encumbering your Achilles.

But at the end of the day, no male I know would buy these so I won't have to worry about looking at them on a regular basis...

Seriously though, racist? Or just plain offesnsive to my bleeding pupils?

But for more in-depth reading ala other sources, refer to these:

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