Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look What I missed! SHOES!

It's supposed to be with the casino night posting! It's too wonderful to omit!


Much love,
<3 SF

These shoes are so FIERCE! I wish I'd had a better picture of them!

Is it possible for shoes to be yummy! These Michael Kors shoes sure are! :) 

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Black, Red, and Violet All Over?

No mummy, not the bruise I acquired last weekend when I fought a girl for the last pair of shoes in my size, but casino night here on campus. :)

In the era of independent thinkers, we had varying degrees of "cocktail attire". After 6 is at or above the knee formal dresses, but I always enjoy the interesting variants from the dress code. I know the tricks, I went to an all-girl's school :)


Much love,

<3 SF

Sequins, oh how I love you! Esp. in ALL BLACK! Outrageously awesome!!!

At first I said to myself, cute outfit, then....

I saw HER HEADBAND!!! Which is sparkly! :)  LOVE IIITTTT!

Stripes are so in since Summer 2009. Coco Channel would be proud. :)

This necklace is adorable, but it's nagging my brain, Can't remember where I saw it? Hmm...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coco Channel, Words of Wisdom

A little words of wisdom from one of the most prolific fashion icons of the century. 

Much love, 

<3 SF




“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”




Sunday, September 19, 2010

Style Sightings: The Engineering Fair

Check it out!  Engineers, and otherwise styled individuals, sporting something other than hokie garb. A sea of maroon and orange can get a little boring at times :)

Enjoy! Much love,

<3 SF

 Not such a great photo, you'd have had to have been there [say that 3x fast!] Note her headband and Coach handbag. Same rhythm of color. Excellence.

So the guy she was with says, "We were just talking about her wardrobe choices and how she always looks awesome. " What a nice guy! :) Nix the flops though. Maybe b/c she was going out? Don't want to ruin the good stuff...

"Umm, you took my picture last week!" Repeat celebrity here :)

LOVE the skirt!!! Because the skirt is so busy, she paired it with neutral tones and let the skirt speak for itself! Lovely! : )

Loving the metallic skirt! Great for sunny days. You can stop planes with it, and/or stop traffic. Either way, looking FAB! :)

P.S. Check out her earrings/necklace! : )

Again, a simple pop of color paired with earth tones. A very calm way to appreciate this trend. WORK IT GIRL! : )  LOVE her wedges.

You can never go wrong with cowboy boots. Ok well...maybe you can, but she didn't! : ) 

Hey, I know this girl! Look closely, her tights are SPARKLY! So fun! : ) It's a very finished look! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It Pays to Have Stylish Friends

So, one of my friends ordered a pair of shoes that she figured out would not accommodate her feet. Guess who got to inherit them? :) Yep, it pays to have stylish friends :) Thanks girl!

Style sightings to follow soon!

<3 SF

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Style Sightings: Plaid, Print and Blue All Over

This has relatively nothing to do with the title, except for one girl that has a blue plaid layered tunic. This is a collection of images from a week and a half of me neglecting to post. Excellence.

Much love,

<3 SF

Lunchin'! Details, details, details! Like top and scarf accents. Just take one piece makes it pop! 

LOVE THESE SHOES! Hello Baker's! My new pageant shoes! : )

Well hello maddame president! Love the dress and headband!

Love the dress! Neutrals are like SO IN! : )

Winning in style. Stripes are sweet: simple, and chic!

Oh hey, that's so cool! A black and white dress with bands and a LBD! So chic!

Coolness, going to class in the fall calls for layers!

Floral patters are like SO IN!

"Don't take my picture, I look so bad right now!" Like really? Ok.

Best accessory of all time. A mola bag imported from Panama, in my suitcase! : )

"I love your shorts, can we be friends?" Now we are!

Mad for plaid. Love this! : )

Soo chic! : )

Effortless cool. The knee socks and boots I'm still a fan of! Everyone did it a couple years ago, but it still pops up every now and again!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Great to Be a Girl

So, in my daily online shopping adventures, I found this :


Dear mummy, I know what I want for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"In the City" A Great Place to Be

So, knowing a D.C. housewife has its perks, to say the least. That includes but is not limited to knowing pop sensations like local D.C. artist Danni Rosner.

After logging into facebook after a harrowing day of only one class that finished at noon, I got an email from a friend's friend who asked for my help. It went something like this:

I'm writing this on behalf of Danni Rosner...she would have contacted you herself, but she has a million things going on right now!

Danni is in the Newsong/Mountain Stage contest, and her new songs "Wind Up Toy" & "On My Way" have made the regional finals! I was wondering if you would be willing to help out with voting so that she can make it to the finals, for a chance to work with grammy-award winning producer, Jacquire King (Kings of Leon/Norah Jones).

The link to vote is: http://www.newsong-music.com/contest/regional_rounds/2010/peoples_choice/southeast_PC.html

Danni asked me to reach out to you specifically because she said you might really be able to help her out with this! If you could vote, and send the link to anyone you think would also be willing to vote it would be a HUGE help, and much appreciated.

Thank you so much!