Saturday, March 27, 2010

Style Sightings!

Things are heating up here below the M.D. Line! Good job girls! The weather shows promising results!

Much to write about: Fashion shows, fittings, designers galore! Stay posted, NYC part 2 and 3 are on the way! : )

Much love,

<3 SF

Chillaxin much? I think so! : ) 

Brilliantly ballancing brights! Awesome! 

And there's a jacket to match. With acessories, always see a future for it. All these pieces were fron different seasons (pre-fall and late winter). White in winter, shocking, I know! : )

Black, white and pink are making a comeback. This outfit was completed with a pink headband. Never be afraid to use a bright as an accent piece! 

Gold UUGs, need them STAT! : ) 

One of my sisters! Too cute! The top half is piped in green. Her shoes also mimic the colors found in her dress! Her outfit makes me happy! : )

Out and about. Like I said earlier about pink, yellow is also making a comeback. If you don't believe me, check out my first style sightings entry in Febs!

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Fashion Show

Everyone has a start somewhere. For me it was a Nordstrom's fashion show about sixteen years ago. I was only four.

Nordstrom's originally was known for its shoes and when I was young I would run through a new pair of shoes like there was no tomorrow, even before I had begun walking. Strange, I know.  So mother was always in there hunting down a new pair of shoes while my dad was off at work and my brother was in kindergarten. Needless to say, the clerks knew my brother and I, most especially me, by name and had idea of what to pick out for my mother to buy by the time she walked in the store.

"Your daughter's so cute. We have a fashion show coming up, you should sign her up! You can pick out an outfit and wear it in the show!" My mother turned to me slowly. She knew I understood the entire conversation. I needn't say a word, my beaming eyes already conveyed my answer. Mother never wanted to thrust me into  "the industry" prematurely, which explains why I was in my first pageant as a college freshman. My small beady eyes, barely reaching the top of the sales counter looked at the sales representative, then we both turned to my mother.

"Ok Mia, you understand you model the clothes on a runway and it's in front of a large crowd? Okay?" I was a cynical little one, and I completely knew what was up. Don't underestimate children, we understand everything.

The day of the fashion show arrives and my entire family is there. Dad was equipped with a camera and my brother from what I remember was sufficiently annoyed. Mother had brushed and braided and readied my hair, per usual. We walked into the store as the fashion show carried on. Children's fashions were not first, so I could show up fashionably late.

Ok, I'm working my way to the punch line....

Mother reminds me: "See how that girl reaches the end of the runway and turns around and comes back? See how she does it? Do that and you'll be fine" Ok Mom, whatever.

A woman with a clip board ushered me backstage. The runway sprawled before me. I was ready.

"It's your turn, go on out there."

"Okay" I hit my mark, then I ran to the end of the runway, and then I jumped off. Yes, you read right, I jumped off. So I walked backstage again.

"Walk to the end, and come back"

"Okay" I said then I ran, even faster this time, to the end

and jumped off!

The front row leaned back and said 'whoa'. Mostly from shock, partly from sheer amusement. Some laughed. I was enjoying this just as much, or more than they did. Ha, ha!

"Ok Mia, we'll give you one more time, but this time you can't jump off the edge this time. Okay?" Mother was being incredibly patient.

So, I had yet another chance. What did I do? You got it, I jumed off the stage another 3 times. So much for my modeling career. It would be years before I would ever be in another fashion show. Luckily I've got two coming up in April. Should be amazing!

Until soon your very busy and tired,

<3 SF

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NYC: Saturday Evening

I drove up to NYC this weekend, here's part one that I wrote that weekend: 

Evening, Saturday. I'm exhausted. After a four hour drive, we're in Brooklyn.

*Note, the four hour drive up was preceeded by my four hour ride on Homeride from Virginia to Maryland. I had only figured out at 12 noon that my home bound bus was to leave at 2:30, my last class ended at 1:10, and I hadn't packed yet.

The cashier ringing me up informed me that 2:30 p.m. was the only Homeride that was leaving. I must have looked shocked, normally that's a 4:30 option.

"Does that work for you?" She asked.

"It has to work" (Obviously!) Now I'm here.

So here I am in Brooklyn after consuming the most delicious Chinese food I've had in quite some time. You might say: "SF get a life. Chinese food is nothing to get excited about", well think again mister, this food was well seasoned and...


My aunt knew exactly what to order for me. It was an excellent mix of tofu and vegetables stir fried in some sort of chili sauce accompanied by white rice. About that rice, why is it so incredibly necessary to fill over 45% of the container with WHITE RICE? I haven't had white rice in quite some time. Honestly, it's a waste of calories to spend on bland, tasteless WHITE RICE. And to think I once craved it? Yikes!

"Where are we headed, what's the physical address?" I looked up for two seconds from my meal. I'd gone back for seconds and I must have looked really hungry. 

"Just tell me when you're done? Aright?" Tia told me. I guess her title needs some explanation. In my culture, your aunt or any female figure of authority familiar to your family is called "Tia" (the Spanish for "Aunt") as a sign of respect.

"Muaumahumm. Okah." I nodded and covered my mouth as I frantically tried to get to my inbox on my phone to pull up the email with Ginny's physical address.

Crap. I get updates from the Washington Post in my inbox all the time and the email I needed was backlogged so far back in my inbox (from only a week ago) that I couldn't pull it up on my phone. I proceeded to try and hack into an unsecured  wireless network on my laptop. All 20 or more of them were password protected. I texted my brother who may or may not be in MCAT prep class at this point. I didn't risk calling, even in my desperate state.

"You find it yet? Huh?" Tia ventured to ask again. I had finished eating and I had a wild look in my eye. I suppose she could sense trouble. Even though I had already told my family that one of my best friends, a transportation aficionado, had assured me that my trip from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side would require us to ride the 6 train at some point, they still wanted to make sure.

8:30 (240): "You sent me a text"
(240): "Yes, I really need your help, are you near a computer?" My brother would help me. I'm very blessed to have a pretty cool brother.

Good job, it was the 6 train. I smiled broadly at the realization that my friend was right. Suffice it to say that he's not even form New York and really knows what's up. Now mother will talk about it for weeks.

 Manhattan, I'll be there on Sunday! Too foggy for a decent picture!

Verrazano Bridge, here we come! : )

Well, my ride up constituted of taking pictures, so now I have to get some work done. And beauty rest has to happen sometime before tomorrow...

Until soon much love,

<3 SF

P.S. I was incredibly grateful that my food didn't show the following day! On to a fitting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Style Sightings!

So your favorite fashionista has slacked up a bit, I was in New York City for a fitting! Coolness! I've neglected to post the Style Sightings from last week!What did you do without my style sightings? Twiddle your thumbs? Yep. Lol !: )

Until soon, a very exhausted,

<3 SF

Most def mad for plaid! 

Could she get any cooler? Very much a complete outfit. Her plaid bag pulls the entire look together. Accessories are key, check out those aviators! : ) 

Electric blue seems to be a favorite! This look was accompanied with patent-leather stilettos to complement the jewel cut buttons. To top it all off, a bow headband finised the look! 

Where has this girl been hiding????  

This is the best outfit I've seen in my time as SF here in Virginia!!!! Excellent! Excellent!

BLING! Over-sized purses and sequins are my weak spot! : P 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SML, A Destination, Not a Shirt Size Part 1

Take a left at the crooked tree and then go over the hill and down the unpaved road and you might see your destination on your right. Getting to Smith Mountain Lake (SML) from Blacksburg was nothing short of a small adventure in itself. Our car, piloted by my fearless mother, took a few wrong turns until it happened upon a condo- resort complex shored on a sparkling mirror of resplendent majesty bathed by the Saturday sun's glow, Smith Mountain Lake was beautiful. I was there for a bridal show, my second one in less than a week. Networking ensued and I was invited by Miss Angela Courser of Corsair Designs to the day's festivities and fashion show.

Hosted in a small intimate setting with far fewer vendors than the last show I had attended, I was immediately captivated by the explosion of color and sparkle. My heart raced and I was swept up in the excitement. Before me was an excellent place setting for four on a fully and lavishly decorated round table. Is over-stimulation permissible in this case?  May I? Thank you!

* I'll have the pictures in "Part 2" Stay posted!

Vaughn Designs. The featured designer of the show who's line is a  quirky twist on the aisle walking attire that puts you in the front seat as the co- designer and wearer.

This is by far, my favorite look from her line! It's edgy and fresh! : )

Drop- waist, champagne, and strapless. I think I'm sold! : ) 

I had an opportunity to speak with the designer who graciously provided the pictures you see above. I'd even been invited to the bridal show the following week, however scheduling and the impending school week limited my chances of attending. Ah school! 

With the joys of attending bridal shows, and if you haven't been to one you should, is primarily the free food and the NETWORKING. Ok, mostly the beautiful shiny things and lovely people...and free food. One of the limousine fleet owners addressed my purpose there by starting out with the age old question 

"Getting married huh?" I've gotten better at this, so I immediately cut to the chase: 

"Actually I'm covering the designer for my fashion blog", and with much skepticism and amusement he replied, 

"A blogger huh? Ok, so you're not just here for the free food?"A wry smile crossed his face, he had me in a corner, metaphorically.

"Yes, I'm here for the food too!"We shared a laugh and I'm sure if I ever need to be transported in a limo, or Rolls Royce, I know who to ask. 

Next to his table was Bare Escentuals makeup line. I had to admit that the only impression I had of the line was late night glances at the TV while simultaneously finishing a paper (we all know that moment when writing becomes a tangent). I give the representative credit for earmarking my perfect shade of lip gloss in a matter of seconds, a neutral tone or a subtle berry shade. My face paired with my personality only allows me to wear certain shades of makeup on my face or colors of clothing on my person successfully. One of my good friends and I were having lunch the other day when he realized that I never wear clothing that isn't black and white. 

"And grey." I added, "or maybe a hint of color?" Why is this? Let's explore this in another posting.

On my way out the door one of the photographers spots me and exclaimed: "I haven't seen you here at the expo all day, where have you been?" This was a new approach, I fished for a witty comeback. Nothing. So I smiled and nodded. Somehow in our conversation I mentioned that I'm a fashion blogger, more so a Fashionista. Good thing I had my friend Miss Angela Courser  to correct me. : )

"Well you need my contact info! Here, lemme borrow your pen and sticky notes"On the note was an offer to have a complimentary photo shoot and DVD. If there was ever a point where I felt like a celebrity, this was one of the many times I did.

 By the close of the day I had a small shopping bag filled with ads, business cards and promises to keep in touch. On my ride home, I wondered if I would have the same career path as the journalist out of 27 Dresses: always covering a wedding but never having one. I think I have some time to figure it all out. : )

Until soon much love,

<3 SF

For more information about Miss Vaughn's line, contact:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double Take!

Okay readers, so if I haven't posted something in this long, that means that I have something brewing! I have a bridal show and fashion show from over the break and several style sightings! This weekend should be even more fun! However, for now I have an age old double take!

Great taste never goes out of style. I've admittedly had this coat since 6th grade. Mother is pretty pleased I haven't outgrown most of my wardrobe that was too mature for me then, which is just right for me now! Lovely. Gathering dust in the back of my closet for quite some time, I recently decided to carry it to school when packing:


So, the other day, I was doing some online shopping and I discovered a piece by Burberry: 

Okay, so one is double breasted and the other isn't(state the obvious),  but it goes to show that some styles recycle themselves! Always buy what you like!

Until soon much love,

<3 SF

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Style Sightings!

Oh hey! It's almost Spring Break and we're still wearing coats! What's with that? As the general population here dwindles, I have to post the style sightings for the past week. Unfortunately I don't remember when it was exactly that I saw each of the outfits and my camera decided to become unavailable for the large portion of Thursday and Friday! Goodness!

What I do have here, please enjoy! Even though Spring Break is here, that doesn't mean that style takes a break! I'll just have more time to catch up on everything!

Until later, much love,

<3 SF

Carefully balancing brights! Again, the knee socks and boots! I like! 


Kewt! Her boots transition well from the snow outside into a snug look inside! And her belt is Awesome! 

Love, love LOVE her headband! : ) 


Military-esque look! 

Details, details! Love how it's coordinated! : ) 

Like, like! Chillaxin! 

Neon niceness! Like, but check out the backpack! : ) 


Apparently it's her roomate's coat. She hooked it up well. True story: I saw her later that day in the snow in a white hat that totally hooked up the outfit!

Cute, cute! Love her coat!

Out on an ABP run! Tres chic! 

Liking her coat! Too much! 

Corduroy makes a comeback! And touts a hat as well!

Cute headband! It's from the childrens' department! Sometimes If you find that headbands quite aren't your thing, your head may be overpowered by the headband itself! I myself have faced the same problem!

Boots and bag! Love, love, love! 

Simplicity is key! Love her headband! : ) 

Maybe I'm partial to pink? Liking the accent piece! 

"How can I unlock the secret to coolness?' I really want to ask her! Bag ad boots are really working! AND the shades!

What we're going for is a complete look. I think She's got it! 

We're mad for plaid too!

Most def a preview of spring! Enjoying her gold flats! : ) 


 Chillaxin! She gave thought to it though! Much appreciated! : )


 Stripes are most def working! Coolness!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

310 Rosemont

Judging by the store's title, you'd only anticipate a cache atmosphere with clothes and decor to match!
Trunk  shows are always a delight and this time Southern Proper was featured with it's new prep belts for men and ladies, the Horse and Hound Collection, and SP Golf Collection! We all had fun at Hokies and Haberdashery! Too cute! 

Enjoy! I certainly did! : ) 

The storefront! Main Street worthy, most definitely!

Some of the products! 

A necktie! Oh my! 

More Southern Proper apparel! Ladies, check out the headbands!

Job description: wear cute clothes and sell them! Hmmm, sweet! 

Shopping made simple, just buy everything in the store! 

Cute jeans, most def revisit! : ) 

They had a cute cork board with so many satisfied customers, however this struck me on the card pictured above: 
"You can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many pairs of shoes." Shoes! See mother, someone else agrees with me! : ) 

I'll have more adventures to speak of this weekend, but stay posted for style sightings on Friday! :) 

Until soon much love, 

<3 SF