Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PCI Pageant Expo #SequinSunday

Hello world! I'm back! Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy Pacific Miss Asian American Beauty Pageant! Needless to say I loveeee pageants and I had a beautiful time! Here are some photos from the event! Enjoy!

These shoes are so neat! 

(OMG DREAM!) I'd love to be a host! Sigh, some day, some day! But these two did a marvelous job! :)

Check out this pen at a vendor's table! They made it themselves! WANT!

Loveee this headband! Goes well with my new do'

One of my friends and I from Miss Maryland USA! Jin Lin did a beautiful job!

Neat shoes...

These are so gorgeous! Not Chanel, but still aesthetically arresting! :)

 Um, WANT!

Mom, this is not an airport? Why the airport face?

Fabulous runs in my veins! Look and me and mamma!