Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All 16 Blocks: Awful Arthur's Fashion Show

VT's Fashion Merchandising and Design Society's annual fashion show at Awful Arthur's was superb. I was holding off until I could get a hold of some pics of the designs by FMDS students, 310 Rosemont and other local vendors but alas, no dice. As usual, I did my fashion stalking and here's what I've got!

 More on NOVA fashion week soon!

For more info, search "FMDS" or "16 Blocks" on Facebook for their fan pages

<3 SF

Pre-show anticipation!

 EXTENSIVE arsenal of makeup for the show! :P Did anyone say makeover party?

Models and their handlers chillin backstage...and that large chicken thing that would come out every so often during the show...

Models dressed in a couple of thier outfits against the relatively organized rack of clothes! If you've ever been backstage for any production of any sort, you know this is pretty organized!

Programme and article in 16 Blocks!

Disadvantages of being an under. Yay. 

Fabulous dressers from the evening: 


Love how she paired the chunky neck-wear with the rocker tee and studded booties!

Totally badass look! :P 

"Hey, your blouse is the same color as your pumps" Nude pumps are a must have color for this season!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Pairing unlikely grunge and girly elements is all the rage! It's a revamp of the early 90's grunge. :P Welcome back!

Chic stripes! Cool and collected! :) 

One of the evening;s designers! It's so apparent she has this whole fashion thing down to a science. or should I say down to a sequin? LOVE her skirt! 

Kid Dangerous couture. I must get the oversized tee with Anna Wintour on it! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Life In Pictures

On the way to class on a rainy day, this was in my path. It's noticing the little things life that make it that much simpler! :)


Much love,
<3 SF

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seeing Stars: 310 Rosemont

It's always a pleasure to revisit 310 and it's delightful racks and racks of beautiful clothing. Last week's trunk show was in honor of designers Michael Stars and Ty Jewelry. As usual, I had another deadline 30 mins into the whole wine and cheese ordeal, so here's what I managed to snag in the way of photos.

Much love,

<3 SF

For more info on these designers and 310 Rosemont, visit:

This sign in the window means GO IN! 

SO CUTE! The checkout counter! They take Hokie P! Take note Techies. 

The DJ was spinning some sick beats. Too bad it would have looked really awk if I started dancing...mmm, yeah.

Shopping the Michael Stars merch, like it's their job. Liking the mannequin, SEQUINS!!!!!! (slight addiction)

More shiny! LOVE! :)  What can I say, I'm a pageant girl!

More MS merch! :) 

"Pearls with attitude" Agreed. Ty Jewelry. Hi Mummy, birthday gift? Yes? Ok. 

Liking the tree, artfully draped with merch. The catch phrase of today is "Merch". It's fun to say! 

The fitting room. I really enjoy this picture :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Style Sightings: Wow SF, Where the HECK Have You Been?

Um, right here, buried in projects and homework and life and fashion shows and fittings and shopping and pageants and sorority engagements and LIFE! PRIORITIZE HERE!

"Did you say fashion show?" Yup, and I'll have those photos soon. And a trunk show. For now, enjoy what I have. Ok? K.

Much love,

<3 SF

LOVE her headband! Posting photos of the competition. However, homecoming votes are in, so I won't be roasted alive for liking the headband! :P 

Oh my goodness, you're NOT WEARING A TEE SHIRT AND JEANS! "I know, I try." :) 

Now as it's getting colder, you can layer a summer dress with an oxford or some sort of light jacket. This works for sure. 

Animal print and leather RAWR! :) Wuv the scarf! :)

Thanks for taking time to get dressed this morning! :) Taylor Swift!

I asked her if she watches Gossip Girl? "I used to" She probably did while Blair Waldorf was still in high school! Almost bought a sweater just like if from F21, but couldn't figure out what to wear it with? Now I know! :)

Chunky knits are in! Check out those glasses, I wonder if they're prescription?

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Life In Pictures

In an attempt to distract myslef and pass the time cosntructively, I've chosen to post a picture that embodies a significant moment in my day, or something that strikes me as poignant enough to be shared with the general public. So here's to day one of these sort of entries:

Here is my planner, on a particularly light week. Ok, who am I kidding? It's busy as hell. So I'll explain the sticky notes
- one is for my outfits of the week
- another is my note of what to wear per event that I have to attend this week (totally forgot to write that for homecoming events I have to wear letters, go me)
- another is a contact for event planning for a hotel
- anohter is a list of all the errands and emails I have to send before pageant
- another is the price of pumpkins for the program I have to plan for my residents
- where/when to get my blood work done
- NOVA fashion week (which I cannot attend b/c I'm in the middle of NOWHERE!)

And somewhere buried between all that mess is my homework, lunch dates, and all the other things kids my age "hanging out" But alas, who does that?

So if anyone wants to take a sticky note and complete the tasks on it, do let me know...

Your ever present and stressed,

<3 Southern Fashionista

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are you a Fashionista?

If your first reaction was a resounding reply of the following:


"Of course!"

"Um, yeah!"

"I prefer to go by 'fabulous!'"

"My friends think I'm too cool for this." It's ok to be conceited, but it makes me have to to less finding and more posting/sharing of fab outfits! Help me out, send your submissions to:

Email me ANYTHING you'd like to know/share about fashion and style. Keep it PG peeps!

Much love,

<3 SF

Style Sightings: Rain Rain Go Away

These cute outfits have come to play! My attempt to rhyme, go me! Haaa! Rain for the past week, then now it's disgustingly cold! :P However, here's what we've got!

Much love,

<3 SF

Cool and chic! Boho cool! Liking the boots! :) 

Graphic tee, like, like. :) 

 Who's THAT girl rockin' combat boots?  Check out the details below

 Camo! Never thought the day would come, but it's here...and I'm wearing camo combat boots. Yeap.

Weather appropriate and chic! :) Love! Details: same green in the scarf as in the bag!

Repeat performance! We'll have to schedule run-ins!