Friday, September 21, 2012

You Put That Where?

So I was in Georgetown the other day (undoubtedly visiting the shopping district and not the University) and I thought about the funny little storefronts and how much we pay attention to window content as a basis to lure the (well seasoned) shopper into their welcoming arms of retail bliss.

I didn't take pictures. Bummer.

But there is The Internets and The Google.

*Aside* This reminds me of my mother, who advised me to "stop the Facebooking and Textmexting on your Blueberry"

Translation: Stop using facebook and texting on your blackberry? MOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny lady.

With the power of the internet I bring to you storefronts from around the world that are absolutely amusing:


Aston Marin = sexy car? Yes. James Bond elects to drive in this mechanical beauty, so it's no surprise that this car is associated with the fashion/cache crowd. 

Wait, there's more seems like a common trend here Harrods? Enlighten me oh mighty internet:

Wait here's an article about Minis and Rolls Royce's being displayed in Harrods. So no sense in me replicating it, read it an weep:

I do have a sensitive spot for aesthetics of all realms. Cars can be attractive!

Heloo Channel! Rather, hello very big Channel! Harrods, why have we no met? 

The Emerald City perhaps? 


We all know about fairy tales and fashion (Who is the Fairest of Them All?)

I think this one is also Harrods, but I thinks these little guys are Karl if I'm not mistaken? Imagine if Santa employed Karl Lagerfeld. 


This also came up in the search: 

Um, this gives "break a leg" a whole new meaning... 

Don't judge, this came up in the Harrods search as well. Google image search should always be put on "safe mode"...

YOU EAT THAT. Think about the life Bessie could have had on the farm, chewing she's your sirloin. Think about it...

Barneys New York 
Hey, remember when Gaga had that holiday special and had a whole line of goodies for your Christmas tree at Barneys? I do! Here's a store front ingesting its patrons:

Friday, September 14, 2012


Too much work to do to invest in a story here about how fabulous it was and how I was standing for 7 hours, but it was fabulous nonetheless!

Much love, 

The Fashionista