Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold. Fainting. Squeamish.

I nervously reached under my messenger bag flap and into my inner zipper pouch to pull out my standing order and insurance card.
"Here's my insurance, I've been here before"
"Good! Ok, go ahead and sign in." The man, African American and in his mid-thirties  with generous features examined the documents carefully. A million thoughts raced through my head: I'm so glad they're open Christmas Eve. How many more times do I have to do this? I hate this part of it, why do they have--
"Could you put our birthday right here?"
'K, go ahead and have a seat. We'll be with you in a moment." He ushers me to a seat with an upturned palm.
"Uh, ok." I flopped down with uncertainty and surveyed the room and its contents. Even though it probably was my 4th time in the specimen collecting office lab place, I surveyed the room with a critical eye. The reverse "L" shape of the room was lined with sparsely cushioned office chairs with neutral soothing tones of green blue and black swirled together in a pseudo distorted geometric pattern. The walls were at best a seafoam green with light white patterns on it. I suppose the ambiguous patterns account for the imaginative mind. It's fun to look at them a try and figure out what teh shapes could be and decipher them like clouds on a hot August afternoon when the sky contrasts crisp white fluffy clouds with a stark crisp denim blue. Excuse the run-on. At the head of the "L" was a television and a minion of deserted playthings hewn about. I suppose those playthings hadn't been toyed with in quite some time, not showing tell tale signs of grime and pedestrian usage. I can see it now, tiny, nubby sick fingers pawing at the small manipulatives. Ew. And the years and years, maybe just hours of being manhandled would result in the film of nasty. I hate daycares: germ zoos. I looked up, the florescent lighting and foam ceiling tiles were oppressive.
    Damn, ok. I need something to cheer me up. Lemme check my phone.
"YOU have, ONE unheard message. FIRST unheard message:
'MEEAAHHHH!!! EYE LOVEEEE YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!  [Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' filters through, as he chimes in] I love you, I love you! I'll talk to you tomorrow! Kay? LOVE YOU! Can't wait to be in a frat! I WANT YOUR LOVIN' I WANT YOUR REVENGE YOU AND ME  CAN WRITE A BAD ROMANNCCCCCEE!"
Oh the friends we have, it brought back so many Thursday nights past. I smile, deceptively, knowing that my eyes are telling of my current state of mind: watery and dejected. I hated the pain of having the needle sent up my vein. A cold foreign object entering my warm pulsing vein. I have to do it to look pretty. Oxymoron? I think not.
    I can blame it partially on Field Hockey. Every fall afternoon, and sometimes in the winter on the weekends, I'd endure at least 3 hours of Mom running around, running errands and waiting for my brother and Dad to come from downtown by 8:30 p.m. Wonderful. Anyone acclimated with the workings of Acne knows that when dirt and sweat and the hormone- produced sebum gets all mixed up together, it creates...ACNE! And the growing child that I am was brimming with hormones AND the field hockey induced sweat and dirt were just an added plus. Yippe. SO, I began my water- drinking regimen with fervor and conviction, knowing that my condition would be alleviated, to no avail.
    Over the years I've developed a very strong connection to my dermatologists, they've watched me progress from my late Middle School days into my final years of college. Needless to say, we've had quite a journey. We tried fading cream, with Retin A and Hydrogen Peroxide and all other sorts of meds that tackled the issue form the outside. Finally, about a year ago, after mother had to shell out $120 for a 3 inch long tube of fading cream that never worked, she was FED UP.
"We have a problem" She said,"And nothing seems to cure it. I'm tired of spending time trying to fix this acne problem and NOTHING is working"
"Well, Mrs._____there IS Accutane."
"Mmm, yes. Accutane." Their exchange could be turned into a sing-songy opera.
"It's only for our patients with the most severe symptoms. I don't think either of your children qualify." Mother was practically foaming at the mouth. There's nothing more that annoys her than wasting time. The doctor sensed this and moved on quickly, fishing for the appropriate paperwork in a drawer.
"Ok, well. Here's a booklet for your daughter." the doctor hands me the pamphlet gingerly. The gravity of the information in the booklet probably burdened her physically and mentally I would soon discover why.
"Ok then, I'll take a look at it and we'll go ahead and start when I get back from school." So there it sat in the bottom of my drawer for about a month as I perused online sources for better solutions. Here's what I found out

Side effects: depression, morning sickness, psychosis, Bowel inflammation and pain, chest pain, decreased night vision, decreased tolerance to contact lenses, delay in wound healing, depression, fatigue, headache, nausea, peeling palms or soles, rash, skin infections, stomach and intestinal discomfort, sunburn-sensitive skin, thinning hair, urinary discomfort, vision problems, vomiting, suicidal thoughts, sensitivity to sunlight...let's just say the sun sensitivity one resulted in me carrying a umbrella everywhere I go. That always was a conversation starter....

Wonderful. Just wonderful. I would also have to give up alcohol, and abstain from sexual activity The total antithesis of "Rock and Roll". Yes. So in order to monitor my liver functions and fertility, I would have to go in for blood work every month for 6-8 months. Which brings us to the present day as I wait to have my blood drawn.

It always unnerves me. So I try to think of happy things, like the voicemail I received on my phone earlier, or that guy that has yet to call me back, or those shoes I saw when I was shopping online?

A nurse in a set of scrubs flecked with Tweedy Bird in various sea-foam green doctor outfits all over the scrubs in a seemingly helter-skelter pattern calls out my name.
"W'e're ready for you." Hmm, are you really? My body immediately enters a cold sweat. Clammy. Clammy clam clam clam chowder. I'm hungry. Errr. Even though i was supposed to fast, I never did. I'm a snacker nonetheless and hadn't snacked in a couple hours, which wasn't helping my mood.

"Have a seat." The industrial blue chair with extended and elevated armrests was cozied in the corner with a small table holding the necessary instruments to prick me. A 3 inch test tube with a manila colored fluid in the bottom. My brother, studying for med school tells me it's instrumental in separating the plasma from the white and red blood cells. Fantastic. Just fantastic, got me thinking on warm, gooey blood leaving my 3 year old sized arm. Argh. One time my mom reached for my arm without looking and was startled to see that it was me at the end of it.
"Oh! Your arm felt like a three year old arm! Ew, that was really weird." Mmmhmm love you too mom.
So the tech, with her menagerie of braids, glasses and focused determination checks me out in the computer. I'm nervous and my mind races. OH MY GAW-
"Which arm?"
"Uhh, this one?" indicating my left. I figure my less used arm wold be helpful...I've forgotten my flawed and desperate reasoning. I extended it and rolled up my sleeves before I closed my eyes. I was careful to steady my thoughts, focus on happy things like shoes, and glitter and tiaras and gelato.
I shiver.
"Hold still. One, two, three. In." I almost threw up. I hate knowing that that prickly thing they call a needle is entering my artery. MEEP!

For those unfamiliar to my internal language, "meep" is an expression of general discomfort, awkwardness, or making light of something terribly silly.

It took so much focus to not faint again.

Squeamish, that word sounds really funny. Haha, SQUEAMISH...

"DONE! Hold this."
"Hold this" I snapped to the present and opened my eyes. I recognized the pressure on my arm, minus the throbbing pain normally accompanied by it.
"You ok there? It was hard to get to your super large artery over your little bone right under it."
EW...ew, ew, ew, ew, ew EW! Graphic much? Yes I am squeamish. Meep. Meep often arises when referring to males. Meepage. Seriously.

"Uh, thanks" As I replace my jacket and messenger bag on my body. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I scowled as the wind assaulted my face in December's sub-zero weather.

And More to Come

More to come indeed, I have some style sightings that i neglected in my last post, a fashion show, and a pageant. The semester begins in 2 weeks, I'll be on the prowl for great outfits, even as the temperatures drop! :)

Much love,
<3 SF

And originally I thought this outfit wouldn't work...but it does! Check it out! So this is a late fall dress that is sleeveless BUT now that it's later in the season, Winter to be more precise, I layered this dress with a tweed jacket that I bought in Panama for under $30. I suppose they don't need tweed as much as the American tourists do when they go home? No? Anyway, nothing does the trick like a solid pair of black stockings! I wear black too often to not have a drawer full of them! 

Same look again, different angle. 

Layering is a go! It's hard to pull of a boho look without looking like you wore fragments of last week's outfits however, she manages to put this look too good use! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Style Sightings: Wow SF, Where the HECK Have You been?

Exams...ok, that's all I have to say. Break is fast approaching, so hope for some more updates over break! Fabuloso !

Much love,

<3 SF

"Can I borrow that dress next week?" 
"Um, sure?" 
"Good, now I need a picture with you!" 
I mean, what else could she say, we're sorority sisters! (Well, ok. She COULD have said no, but she's nice.) But this dress is actually borrowable material, I'm a sucker for shift dresses with a twist. Let's just say that this dress has to be imported from Thailand. I know, I died a little on the inside, but at least I can borrow it! :)

As it gets colder, mastering the art of scarf  is essential, and this chic has it down. These elements may not be represented the best in this photo together, but the spectator shoes, jeans and suit jacket I'm defiantly a fan of!

Layering is a resounding YES!

She looks nice and toasty! :) 

For some reason, this outfit reminds me of Blair Waldorf? Yes! Perhaps because of the precariously perched beanie and bold houndstooth print.

This ensemble carefully violates our expectations. In most cases, we expect the shirt to stand out as the white item here however, the skirt stays as a nice violation to that expectation. Note the length of her boots as related to her skirt, neither are too close to her knees, which would be a heartbreaking no, no. Why? Because the further the lines in your outfit are form each other, the taller you look, that's why I normally wear platform heels with mini skirts. I'm only 5'7", but it gives me the illusion of supermodel height (5'9"/5'11"ish).

Oh hey there, it's snowing! Check out those boots! My favorite, because they simulate a riding boot as well as function as wellies. Yum!

Check this outfit out, I've paired a structured jacked with a conformity breaking skirt. In this case the jacket is unconventional as well, but the structure paired with the fluffy skirt adds a playful look to an otherwise straight laced look. This jacket, courtesy of White House Black Market, was originally paired with a pencil skirt and shoes of the same pattern. However, I switched out the shoes for my sequin pumps (fave) and "tutu" skirt, courtesy of my favorite Forever 21. Sorry ladies, most of these items are over 2 years old! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Maryland USA: The Parade of Fashion (Tangent #2)

Originally, my last post was supposed to be EXCLUSIVELY about the fashions of Miss MD USA, however, it turned into a tangent about dressing as your best self and being that self from the inside out. I give you the fashions of that weekend, including my continual wardrobe changes from the weekend. I love it! :)

So here's to an exclusively fashion blog post! :) Miss my pageant sisters so much! :)

Much love,
<3 SF

 Arrival outfit 

Interview outfit

"Are you the girl with the sequin shorts?" Yep :)  Let's just say these have expereinced a night out on the town...

Hey, check out these punksters! :) Love it! 

<3 these gowns! :) 

This one too! :) 

Um, like everyone is wearing stripes, are you? 

These jeans were tailored and purchased EXCLUSIVELY for pageant! :) 

This New Yorker can dress! :) 

 Total rocker look. She paired this look with black booties! Yum!

 Look out Taylor Swift! This chick may give you a run for your money!

Love the dress, love the girl! Shoulder applique does the trick! :)  

 Reppin' the stripes yet again! Who isn't wearing them?!

SPARKLE SNEAKERS! That's the way to go! :)

More sparkle! Brain on overload here!


Morning breakfast outfits! Yum! :) 

Rocker look! & <3 the bangles!

TOO CUTE! I'll ask my brother how tasty it was! :)

Gorgeous gown!! :) 

Another gorgeous gown! :)

Miss Maryland USA: From the Inside Out (Tangent #1)

"I love pageant weekend" I tell my guy friends, "because it's totally ok to discuss hair products and sparkly accessories and shoes and outfits and it's TOTALLY ok!"
"See? You weren't listening!"
"Mmm, yep. What's up?" Despite my 5 years of all-girls school, involvement in a sorority, RA for 24 young women and modeling careeer, I can't turn away from the prospect of a solid 72 hour weekend of talk exclusively dedicated to being your most beautiful self, inside and out. One thing I've learned from my perpetual involvement in all that is concerned with beautifying the external self (trust me, a plastic surgeon RANDOMLY followed me on Twitter) it's the inside that matters, primarily. I've noticed that even when I'm in the most fabulous clothes and made over by some of the industry's best, if my interior is disgusting, no matter what I'm wearing will look horrible and ill-fitted.

Speaking of fitted, I was outfitting one of my guy friends for rush and he has a fabulous wardrobe, but let's just say, we'll have to work on how to hook it up. So, this fashionista rifled through his closet and handed him an oxford, polo, plain front khakis and cherry red Sperrys and a light sweatshirt. We all know layering is "in". So a couple minutes later, all pieces assembled of the ensemble, I stood back critically. The look on his face was telling.

"What's up?" I said, proud of my accomplishment, and partly proud that I could dress women and men successfully"What do you think?"

"Mmm, I like it, but it's not me."

"You sure? Maybe the shirt's not laying correctly? Or needs pressing?" I hauled and pulled at the material to no avail, only to realize my friend was right. I totally had an outfit that would have worked had I been a male, but I'm not.

So I watched as he changed the khakis to bermuda shorts, and removed the sweatshirt and added a rugged leather belt.

Done, done. I beamed, he looked in the mirror and beamed. I knew he found himself in the ensemble.

So, here's the point of the story: if you're wearing something that costs millions, but you feel mediocre, that priceless garnment will appear to fit the same way you feel. Likewise if you feel fantastic in a hand-me-down, that outfit is yours undoubtedly and will make you look like a million bucks. Catch my drift? Ok, so when you get dressed in the morning, wear what reflects the you on the inside.

I do. :)

Happy dressing, much love,

<3 SF

Friday, November 19, 2010

NOVA Fashion Week!

Helooo fashionistas!

I had the opportunity to attend the fashion show of eco-friendly designer Elizabeth St.John 2 weeks ago! Needless to say, I had a phenomenal time, met some fab peeps, sat beside the then reigning Miss Maryland USA 2009 Simone Feldman, networked, and got a pretty sweet swag bag. Here are some of my favorite designs.

For more information about the NOVA Fashion Week, visit:


Or the featured Designer:


Here are some of my favorite shots of the dresses that weekend! :) Please enjoy them just as much as I have, maybe more (if that's even possible). Hoping to land an interview with the designer, until that happens:

Much love,
<3 SF

 P.S. If you're as excited about the handbags as I am (or more, if that's even possible), I have the paperwork for that in my dorm. We'll have it together next week for sure! :)

SO CUTE!!! My fave! :)  I have a weak spot for polka-dots!

This is by far my favorite photo of any of those taken that weekend! I almost used it in an ad for going green and recycling. 

Same dress, different shot.

THIS is my favorite gown, perhaps because of the neckline that would accommodate someone with broad shoulders like me!

 Again, same dress, different shot.