Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Maryland USA: The Parade of Fashion (Tangent #2)

Originally, my last post was supposed to be EXCLUSIVELY about the fashions of Miss MD USA, however, it turned into a tangent about dressing as your best self and being that self from the inside out. I give you the fashions of that weekend, including my continual wardrobe changes from the weekend. I love it! :)

So here's to an exclusively fashion blog post! :) Miss my pageant sisters so much! :)

Much love,
<3 SF

 Arrival outfit 

Interview outfit

"Are you the girl with the sequin shorts?" Yep :)  Let's just say these have expereinced a night out on the town...

Hey, check out these punksters! :) Love it! 

<3 these gowns! :) 

This one too! :) 

Um, like everyone is wearing stripes, are you? 

These jeans were tailored and purchased EXCLUSIVELY for pageant! :) 

This New Yorker can dress! :) 

 Total rocker look. She paired this look with black booties! Yum!

 Look out Taylor Swift! This chick may give you a run for your money!

Love the dress, love the girl! Shoulder applique does the trick! :)  

 Reppin' the stripes yet again! Who isn't wearing them?!

SPARKLE SNEAKERS! That's the way to go! :)

More sparkle! Brain on overload here!


Morning breakfast outfits! Yum! :) 

Rocker look! & <3 the bangles!

TOO CUTE! I'll ask my brother how tasty it was! :)

Gorgeous gown!! :) 

Another gorgeous gown! :)

Miss Maryland USA: From the Inside Out (Tangent #1)

"I love pageant weekend" I tell my guy friends, "because it's totally ok to discuss hair products and sparkly accessories and shoes and outfits and it's TOTALLY ok!"
"See? You weren't listening!"
"Mmm, yep. What's up?" Despite my 5 years of all-girls school, involvement in a sorority, RA for 24 young women and modeling careeer, I can't turn away from the prospect of a solid 72 hour weekend of talk exclusively dedicated to being your most beautiful self, inside and out. One thing I've learned from my perpetual involvement in all that is concerned with beautifying the external self (trust me, a plastic surgeon RANDOMLY followed me on Twitter) it's the inside that matters, primarily. I've noticed that even when I'm in the most fabulous clothes and made over by some of the industry's best, if my interior is disgusting, no matter what I'm wearing will look horrible and ill-fitted.

Speaking of fitted, I was outfitting one of my guy friends for rush and he has a fabulous wardrobe, but let's just say, we'll have to work on how to hook it up. So, this fashionista rifled through his closet and handed him an oxford, polo, plain front khakis and cherry red Sperrys and a light sweatshirt. We all know layering is "in". So a couple minutes later, all pieces assembled of the ensemble, I stood back critically. The look on his face was telling.

"What's up?" I said, proud of my accomplishment, and partly proud that I could dress women and men successfully"What do you think?"

"Mmm, I like it, but it's not me."

"You sure? Maybe the shirt's not laying correctly? Or needs pressing?" I hauled and pulled at the material to no avail, only to realize my friend was right. I totally had an outfit that would have worked had I been a male, but I'm not.

So I watched as he changed the khakis to bermuda shorts, and removed the sweatshirt and added a rugged leather belt.

Done, done. I beamed, he looked in the mirror and beamed. I knew he found himself in the ensemble.

So, here's the point of the story: if you're wearing something that costs millions, but you feel mediocre, that priceless garnment will appear to fit the same way you feel. Likewise if you feel fantastic in a hand-me-down, that outfit is yours undoubtedly and will make you look like a million bucks. Catch my drift? Ok, so when you get dressed in the morning, wear what reflects the you on the inside.

I do. :)

Happy dressing, much love,

<3 SF

Friday, November 19, 2010

NOVA Fashion Week!

Helooo fashionistas!

I had the opportunity to attend the fashion show of eco-friendly designer Elizabeth St.John 2 weeks ago! Needless to say, I had a phenomenal time, met some fab peeps, sat beside the then reigning Miss Maryland USA 2009 Simone Feldman, networked, and got a pretty sweet swag bag. Here are some of my favorite designs.

For more information about the NOVA Fashion Week, visit:


Or the featured Designer:


Here are some of my favorite shots of the dresses that weekend! :) Please enjoy them just as much as I have, maybe more (if that's even possible). Hoping to land an interview with the designer, until that happens:

Much love,
<3 SF

 P.S. If you're as excited about the handbags as I am (or more, if that's even possible), I have the paperwork for that in my dorm. We'll have it together next week for sure! :)

SO CUTE!!! My fave! :)  I have a weak spot for polka-dots!

This is by far my favorite photo of any of those taken that weekend! I almost used it in an ad for going green and recycling. 

Same dress, different shot.

THIS is my favorite gown, perhaps because of the neckline that would accommodate someone with broad shoulders like me!

 Again, same dress, different shot.