Monday, August 30, 2010

Style Sighttings: Last Week's Leftovers

Ok, not leftovers per se, but what I didn't get to post on Friday. Enjoy! : ) 

Happy styling!

<3 SF

I could not pull of one of summer's trends, white jeans, but this girl sure can! : ) 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Style Sightings: A midweek fix

Stylin' mid week! I just thought this would be a little glimmer in everyone's stressful first week of classes : ) 

Much love, 


 Hey girl hey! Too cute. It's light and fun! : ) 

I don't even think she goes here? But her outfit fulfilled the requirements for a college student's ultimate outfit, form and function, AND cute! 

Cute! Matching accessories are somehow visually appealing. Her bangle is the same color as her shoes as well as in her top! Too cute! : )

Monday, August 23, 2010

Style Sighting, Welcome Back! : )

So I'm figuring out the class of 2014 can dress! Ok girls (and there's a boy too) don't let me down! Here's what I have so far...

Much love,

<3 SF 

This is totally the "I'm too hot for jeans" look....

 Details "up" a pair of shorts to a statement piece. Check out the monogramming!

Can't go wrong with a light wrap skirt "Your outfit is totally saying something, could I take your picture?"

 Romping in a romper! Tres chic! 

 At first glance, this outfit is absolutely adorable. Her wedge sandals match the blue in her skirt. But check out the back of the blouse...

It has buttons down the back! It's all in the details! Totally cute! :) 

Hey girl hey! :)

Abp...why does it look like a prison? But the food's good and pricey! We forgive your white sandals here in the South, plus it totes flows with the outfit! : )

 Cute top! : )

Oh hey! Looks like perry flowers are a popular fave! : ) And metallic sandals!