Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AmareSinh Says Hi from Shanghai

AmareSinh is self ascribed as "a distinguished brand that provides sexy, edgy, yet sophisticated clothing that enhances the architecture of a woman's body by infusing concepts that ultimately creates for each woman the feeling of being alive, empowered, and aware of her sensuality" ( With its fresh bold colors and simple silhouettes outlining and enhancing the female figure. Fashionistas ogling from this year's Shanghai, Philadelphia and Cincinnati Fashion weeks  flock to their ranks to be outfitted. Consequently, AmareSinh was listed in a CNN article as one of the top 5 best trends in Shanghi's fashion week ( Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with boutiques all across the globe, AmareSinh designer Huy Tran corresponded from several timezones away in Shanghai and provide the following interview for Southern Fashionista!

Tell us a little bit about your background
I'm Vietnamese-American and grew up in Philadelphia. I started my studies in fashion design at Philadelphia University and later went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. I have always been interested in woman's wear, perhaps it's from growing up surrounded by girls, but I remember as far back as middle school that I have always loved fashion. Today, I'm extremely happy that I have gone this far with myself and hope to grow better as a designer.

How do you incorporate your lived experiences into the design?
I guess everything is somehow connected with each other like a cause and effect, our [past] experiences somehow affect the way we do things, think and act. I think my lived experiences [are] always connected to my designs in aspects that I cannot point out myself because it's not something that we actually don't think about.

What is your biggest inspiration?
I would say my biggest inspiration is my family because they have helped me so much in pushing me to get this far. I only want to do better almost as a token of appreciation.

Is that a geographic or time limit?
AmareSinh was just recently launched and so far the biggest limit is budget. I'm always running over budget because I want to do more. Time is always an issue, and I think it happens a lot in the fashion industry. I don't think anyone is ever 100% on time.

If you were to describe the line in one word, what would it be and why?
Empowering, because this is how I want women in AmareSinh to feel.

Describe the quintessential AmareSinh girl:
The AmareSinh girl is sexy, sophisticated, and determined, among other things... If I had to pick someone to represent the label I would pick Natalie Portman. I think she has amazing presence, she stands strong yet elegant and her look is flawless.

Do you design for your clients or yourself?
I'd like to tell myself that I'm doing it all for myself, but the reality is I most definitely have to keep in mind who the consumers are.

If this year's collection were a genre/type of food which would it be?

What hot new looks should we be on the lookout for in the near future?
Definitely a lot of color playing, more bold [looks]

Which materials do you work with most often?
Silks, chiffons, cut & sew knits. I like feminine, drapy. It's like a dream.

What is your favorite piece/ look created by the line?
I really like the flap trousers with the silk chiffon hem. I love the contrast of colors and fabric.

Who have you outfitted with your designs?
A Chinese celebrity in Shanghai.

What does AmareSinh do to give back to the local/ global community (website)?
We are working with local artists, models, photographers, jewelry designers, and organizations like RAW Artists to grow the fashion industry in Philadelphia together by helping each other. Before my sister helped me to start AmareSinh, she started a non-for-profit in Vietnam and she still sits on their board of advisers. We would love to continue to support them as AmareSinh grows.

Where can I buy the line?
Anyone - no matter if individual or professional buyer - can contact us at and the email address In case you live in Philadelphia, come to EA Effect Boutique (see'Where to buy' on the website for the address).

All photos courtesy of AmareSinh.