Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mister and Misses Duck

This I like to call my "Audrey Dress" Granted, there are many "Audrey" dresses in my closet: meaning black classic-cut dresses that pay homage to my favorite person of all time Audrey Hepburn.

She was such a classy lady! And this day I volunteered to read to 3 year olds in a Southeast DC school. After, we colored pictures of characters in the story. 

One of them was of a duck. So I sat at the table meant for 3 year old bodies (and surprisingly I fit in the chair, go figure) and colored alongside the students. We worked furtively for a few minutes in silence, trading colors as needed for certain parts of our pictures. Of course I used this as a teaching moment asking for each crayon by color name, even though I only used yellow. Oh, and of course orange for his beak. Well, I could have given him a serious makeover with a green or purple beak but that might have given my present company the wrong idea about duck beaks. We can't have that! 

After coloring my duck a vibrant yellow, I aptly named my new friend "Mr. Duck". 

It piqued my neighbor's interest.

"MISTER!?!?! DUCK?!! That's MISTER DUCK!?!?!" Not an inside voice, but OK kiddo. 

"Why yes, yes it is Mr.Duck! Do you like him? Hello Mr.Duck, how are you!?!" I held up my work proudly at arm's length to inspect it. Did I stay inside the lines? Check. Did I name my picture? Check. My neighbor took in my work critically. After a beat or two of silence, he piped up.

"If that's--if that's MISTER DUCK, then where is MISSES DUCK!" DUH! Why didn't I think of that myslef!?! Where IS she? Oh shoot, think fast, think fast! 

"Y'know what, Misses Duck is on vacation from this picture!" His eyes widened. I continued, "Mister Duck had alot of work at the office so he couldn't take time off to go with her. Y'know how that is."

I saw the wheels turning as he struggled to absorb my statement. This kid probably thinks I'm a nut. He shrugged and returned to coloring. 

And that is the story of Mister and Misses Duck 

The Fashionista