Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fashion in 1980: Michelle Beckles

Guess what, this is my mom in 1980! She was in some fashion show with the original "Kanye West" glasses.

"Those glasses were around BEFORE Kanye West Mia! We were cool before Kanye." Fair point mom. The shades are from Commander Salamander in Georgetown...
Yeah, she was pretty cool in her heyday (Note, CS no longer exists but it's pretty punk. According to mom:
"We weren't PUNK in the 80s Mia, we were NEW WAVE! New Wave was classier.")
Read more about Commander Salamander here: just like how the name sounds)

So here's the rundown:
 Izod vest and polo shirt (popped collar, of course), Ralph Lauren knee socks and Izod shoes.

*Fun fact: My mom's name before she married my dad was Beckles (so If I did the whole Panamanian thing before I get married, my full name would be Mia Alyssa Beckles-Simms. It's a Hispanic thing.  TMI much?)

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