Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Slice of Life

Or rather a scoop? It was one of those really bleak fridays where the mind just yells "BEN AND JERRY'S" and the body  follows to satisfy that inner calling.

Ok, put simply I had my 90 day review and I've met most, if not all of my 12 month objectives in 90 days. Flying colors. But I was still a bit stressed out, even though I've become a meticulous workaholic.

So Ben and Jerry are always across the street to fix my inner craving. It's the next best thing to a shopping binge (and might I say less costly)!

SO OF COURSE I DOCUMENTED IT! Geez, who'd you think I am if I didn't!? BAHAHA!

The Fashionista

How to model Lemon and Mango sherbet: 

Wait, how do I take my own picture? Gahh!!! Hmm...

I hope this tastes as sexy as I look with it!

Ah caught mid taste! Omg sooo goood! :D

Again, mid taste! Yummm haha

OMG this is so much icecream!?! Let's take another picture!

***Pauses to furtively consume the whole thing in 30 seconds***

Omg look at my life, look at my choices...what am I doing... 

Then it gets kinda gross...