Friday, April 8, 2011

TFM: Prepster Central

Wow, so let's just say Southern Proper at 310 Rosemont was the highlight of my Thursday evening. Preps from all over came out of the woodwork for this one. We are few and far between in these parts. But this guy, one of my best freinds, cozied up to Channel the resident mascot of 310:

We can see why he's one of my best freinds. Just kidding! ;) 
So, as with any fashion event, this blogger began taking pics like no other and there were a few key pieces that I simply could not ignore!

 Ohh lala! A Lilly P. dress! So yummy! The asymetrical shoulder lends the dress a young, fun twist!

This young woman was absolutely chic in this dress she was just trying on! I wonder if she bought it? I would if I looked this good! :)

Look at these cuties! New to the SoPro collection this spring are the Preppy Camp Shorts! Great for pairing with your favorite polo and boatshoes for a carefree jaunt. For more info on where you can get your own fantastic pair, click on this link:

So, let's just say my bestie and I started bonding with Regan. Little did we know this petite powerhouse was one of the masterminds behind Southern Proper.

We all agree without question that it's Springtime.

So here's the product we are here for! :)


Yum, yum yum! :)

In all honesty, I have a fantastic time every time I visit the fabulous women of 310 Rosemont. 
Hey! They have a blog too!

Keep posted for more events ladies and gents! Keep it classy and preppy. Make mummy proud! 

Much love,