Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Dress, Reincarnated

Ever thought "OMG, what would one do with a gorgeous wedding dress if you only wore it once?" Well I have, and I'd probably wear mine and play dressup with it? Needless to say the Mia household will be a seriously interesting one...

Without further ado, I give you the solution to said issue, Bridesmaid Trade, where your dress can have more fun with another bride at another wedding. The owners of Bridesmaid Trade were able to sit down with Southern Fashionista and here's how it went: 

What was the key moment when you realized BridesmaidTrade was going to be your next business idea?

We realized we were going to make Bridesmaid Trade a reality when we were sitting at a cafe in DC, right after Kathryn had been a bridesmaid several times in just a few months. We were both glad that many of our friends were getting married, but tired of buying dresses that we were only going to wear once!

What need did you see fit to fulfill as a result?

We thought: Millions of women are bridesmaids every year, and often popular styles get repeated all over the US.  There must be other women out there who would rather buy our perfect-condition, once-worn bridesmaids dresses for half the retail cost instead of buying them brand new.  If there wasn't a good place for women who want to sell their bridesmaids dresses to women who want to buy bridesmaids dresses, we would create one online! So was born.

In what way is your business earth-friendly? 

Wearing a bridesmaids dress more than once greatly reduces the amount of raw material required for to manufacture a dress. Although our service involves some shipping, it is typically far less than shipping a brand-new dress from China to the US! We also run most of our business online, which means that we have a very low environmental impact.

On average, which designer's dresses do you sell? 

We've sold dresses from all types of designers, but our most popular brands tend to be David's Bridal and J.Crew.

Here's one of my favorites from this year's J.Crew collection! Yum! 

Oh, and this one too!

What is the best deal you've ever sold on your website? 

The best deal we've ever sold on our website is probably a beautiful, once-worn TwoBirds dress in Rose. It retails for $270 but it was sold for $125 on our site!

How far-reaching is your client base?

Our clients have come from everywhere! We've had customers from Canada to Alaska, New York City, Arizona, and almost every where in between. (We do only serve customers in the US and Canada, though.)

For more info regarding Bridesmaid Trade, visit their site: !