Friday, September 2, 2011

The Best Doughnut I Ever Had

So it was that kind of morning, woke up after a night out and had gotten the first night of rest in 3-4 days? Getting a full 8 hours of sleep was glorious. Then mom wanted to babble on about accessories, which left  me with 30  mins to shower and bike to class--in wedges.

I can do it, but I always feel like I look really odd. Picture it: a tall girl clad in a black knee length dress with long flowing wavy hair of astronomical volume cycling at top speed through a melange of dazed students ambling to class before noon. I'm sure I'm perfectly radiant.

Strange times.

So I deftly maneuvered my bike, chained it to a rack, extricated myself from a mess of wheels and bike chains and only 10 minutes remained to get to class on time.

Then I saw them: a team of nervously hovering t shirt clad minions around a table. So either this was a group of students visiting from a high school or a job recruiting table. I spotted a networking opportunity

Shark time, zeroing in on the target and moving toward it with purposeful speed. I spotted free pens, cups and white boxes which could only mean one thing: catered food, and my soon to be breakfast.

Total winning.

I felt out the crowd as I got closer, there were 2 middle aged adults and the rest were of student age. I suspected the adults of small talk and the students reluctant to dish out the free pens. I strategized how to walk away with free stuff, and decrease the small talk. If its' one thing I vehemently detest is shallow small talk.
"Hi" I addressed the woman, who seemed to know what was going on. The rest of the tshirt cult entertained their smart phones, even as I approached.
"I like your dress."
"Thank you" I said in a clipped tone, "what is this? Who are youguys?" I asked pointedly.
"AHHMMee, we're an accounting and tax firm. What's your major?"
"Mmm, oh." She pursed her lips, "We're not looking for Communication majors..." her voice trailed off. I picked up the slack.
" Well, I'll enjoy your free stuff and take a pamphlet. Pens?"
"Yah, take a pen and tell your friends...we have donuts? Do you wanna doughnut" She was trying to placate me. I'll accept it.

 Donuts? Doughnuts? What are those? What. Are. They. My brain fished for the association.
"Here, pick one." She indicated to an open box. The spread looked a little dry and stale. Err, do I still want one?
"We also have sprinkles." A sealed box was opened to reveal the glazed and sprinkled beauties.

I reasoned with them aloud, more for myself than for them. "I normally don't eat doughnuts, but sprinkles are my favorite!"

HEADRUSH! I love sprinkles, and my mouth began to salivate. I hoped it wasn't noticeable as my mind went into a primal trance. I'm pretty sure this trance also takes over when I see sequins and gorgeous well dressed males. Especially when they're dressed in suits.

Get a hold of yourself Mia.

But here's the embarrassing part, the saliva leaked from the left side of my mouth, I think. Was it really there? Was I actually salivating over a doughnut visibly? I mean, I can't remember the last time I'd had a doughnut, and my brain seemed to like them. Alot.

I raised my left hand to the corner of my mouth. Confirmed. Saliva had leaked from the side of my mouth. Embarrassed, I glanced over at the student unpacking catalogues from a box to see if she'd noticed. She stared at me, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes expanded to the size of quarters. She saw it too.We stared at each other for 2 seconds, absorbing the realization that both of us knew I was salivating over a doughnut.


I averted my attention back to the middle aged woman, who had begun to assemble my circular treat with an accompanying paper plate and napkin.

Stellar 5 star treatment here. Ok, ok...

"Here." I bent to accept it. Being 5'7" and wearing wedges grants me a height advantage.
"Uh. thanks" Save face, save face, save face. I hurried away after grabbing a pamphlet and pen.

And that was the best doughnut I'd ever had.